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Obsessed over Apó

Hey guys, I hope your day is going great so far! Today we are talking trend, in this case, apó also known as raffia, straw or wicker. These bags are everywhere on Instagram making them highly trendy. This trend has really been on for two years and I am just jumping on them, it's really not late to jump on them if you have not copped one yet feel free to hop on the trend causes it seems they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They scream summer, it just has a way of reminding me of the beach, it can easily be transitioned from the beach to street. Are you loving the trend? Surely I am.

They are so versatile, they can be worn with any outfit; styled with a tee and jeans or a maxi dress, anything would work. Its neutral texture makes it easy to wear it with anything screaming summer. They are also a statement piece because people really be looking anytime I rock it. I had one of my friends ask me if I wanted to use it to fetch water lol.

I am just here to tell you that this bag is a summer staple. Apart from the bag having summer all over it, it also gives off a retro vibe. Since I got it, I have literally carried everywhere.

Just in case you want to be a part of this trend you can cop your bag from @theadellah on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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Road trip to Osun

Happy new month beautiful people, hope your day has been great so far! So I took a road trip to Osun state and I am here to tell you all about it. It was an official trip turned excursion. So basically I told my bosses that I want to do more of site engineering than structural engineering and they were like cool, we going to Osun the next day.

My journey started around 8am, stopped somewhere in Ibadan for a meal, I was expecting the meal to be half the price because people say Ibadan is the cheaper version of Lagos apparently they were lying. By 12 noon I got to Ile-Ife (OAU) for a quick meeting, then I thought to myself I have a secondary school friend that goes to the university so I decided to text her, lo and behold she was around, she was actually heading for a lecture but she cancelled to come to see me because I was supposed to be leaving for a site visit in 30 minutes, we got carried away with our gist that we walked far away, before I got back to the car pack my Project manger already left me. I decided to use that time to tour OAU and damn that uni is big! By the time I was done with my tour my PM was back to pick me up, then we headed to Ilesha where the real work was at. All I did was measure plots of lands and figure out if the lands were feasible for construction, easy right? Yeah, I know! So that's what I travelled the distance for.

I enjoyed my trip, Osun is beautiful, I loved the scenery, it has a lot of geographic aesthetics and details.

On my way back home, the stars were following me, I named one of it phebz. I lost it by the time I got to Ibadan, I hope to see it again.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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Book Review || The Exit by Helen Fitzgerald

Hey guys, here is another book review. 

The story is told in three folds, Catherine 23 and Rose 82 and 10. Rose suffers from dementia so she goes back to when she was 10 every once in a while. The book gets a little confusing because it switches from all three folds.

Catherine was a young 23 lady and her mum thought she did not have any direction, and her mum is a control freak got her a job at a care home and she accepted it reluctantly. Rose is a successful children author and she lived in the care home where she figured out creepy things were going on in the care home, room 7 to be precise but anytime she spoke up no one believed her because she had dementia.

Catherine starts to investigate the sinister occurrence going on according to Rose just because her mum moved into the care home, she was ill, she had a deadly illness. 

The end of this book was so creepy, you should read it if you love dark stories but if you get irritated easily skip the last chapter. 

Rose was right all along room 7 indeed held a dark secret.

I enjoyed this book, I need to get myself some more of Helen Fitzgerald’s book.

Have you read any one of her books? Any thoughts? 

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!! 
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A day at Illashe Private Beach

Hey TPJays! What’s good? It’s been a minute. I am sharing an experience today. I finally crossed something out of my list (I have a list of places in Lagos I want to visit) Illashe private beach happened to be one of them.

It was a link up with one of my friend we had not seen in a long while so he planned like a mini getaway with a couple of his other friends, we were like 12 which made the whole trip inexpensive. We all linked up at the pavilion, chilling and chatting whilst we were waiting to be complete. When everyone got there, we got a boat from the pavilion to illashe which was approximately a 30 minutes ride. The view was so beautiful. On getting to illashe it was so quite, I felt we were the only ones on the beach but apparently not cause when we were heading home I spotted an extra group of three.

On getting to our space, it was okay, I mean that was what we could afford. It had a swimming pool, a volleyball court and the beach was in front. I love the beach, the sand, the ocean, I am a beach person so that was like the perfect destination for me to unwind and escape reality. For someone that can’t swim my love for the pool and the ocean was a little risky but I really could not just sit whilst people were having fun in the pool, so trust me I dived in. The pool was not all that deep so I was fine and I had people watching out for me and literally teaching me how to swim, how to avoid drowning and all (now I think I have forgotten everything I learnt).  Oh yeah, I went into the ocean and trust me to go deep into it playing with the waves and all it was so much fun.

The only thing that went wrong was food, they were not selling food the day we went so it is advisable to go along with food or snacks at least. 

I would love to go to Illashe again because I had so much fun and I would recommend it to anyone that needs a getaway.

Only for me to get home and reality dawned on me sigh.

I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures, I was living in the moment. Have you been there? What was your experience like?


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Hey TPJays, how are you doing? Happy new week. I have teamed up with Ivy Barber Ng to do this giveaway, you guys showed me so much love on my previous post here and I appreciate all the love. Hence, one lucky TPJay stands a chance of winning a pair of Ivy Barber slippers (size 39/40).

Here are the rules to enter the giveaway:
  • You need to be following me (@thepurplejournal_) and @ivy_barberng.
  • You need to tag one person you think would be interested in this giveaway. 
  • In a comment on my Instagram tell me The Purple Journal's motto (Hint: can be found in the about page).

This giveaway is Nationwide! Winners would be announced on the 23rd of April 2018 and contacted via Instagram.

Goodluck to everyone participating. Wishing you a happy week. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

This giveaway has ended.
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Anti Boys or Nah??

Hey guys, today we are doing something entirely different, this should be fun. I thought it would be interesting talking about boys and relationships on the blog. I am not anti boys I love them so much that's probably why I get so stressed when anything about them comes up.

Warning: Lengthy so grab something to snack on!!!

Okay let's first start with relationships; I have a few questions for people in relationships; are you both compatible? What attracts you to your partner? Is it the opposite attraction or birds of the same feather? For me it's majorly our similarity but we'd definitely have our differences too and that's fine. I would like to classify the thing that make or break relationships into 2p's and 2v's which are; personalities, principles, values and vision. In my opinion you should talk about all four before getting into a relationship so y'll know what you are in for.

Personalities: These are your characteristics and what makes you you. Your personalities most definitely affects your relationship but it is up to you both to get the positive side of it or the negative side. Your personalities determine the quality of your relationship. Most times couples have different personalities and that's okay because some difference strengthens and spices the relationship. Variety is needed sometimes.

Principles: This can be simplified to your beliefs. For me it is important we have similar principles and beliefs.  For example i won't be in a relationship with someone that does not believe in God that's a no no.

Values: This is basically standards of behaviors, it includes your ethics, morals e.t.c. In order words the things you rate highly are your values. Your values determine how you view life in general. In my opinion couples values should be somewhat similar. Being clear about your values and what you stand for is really important when you are in a relationship. If you and your partner view life differently, clashes are bound to happen.

Vision: This is the ability to think about or plan your future. You'd not see me with someone with zero vision. When it comes to vision we have to be on the same page, there are no two ways to this one. If you guys do not have similar vision just keep in mind that your relationship has an expiration date.

Relationships are not meant to be stressful so if it is stressing you its is not right.

Now let's move to boys.
  • If he stresses you cut him off.
  • If he makes you double guess yourself drop him.
  • If he just wants to benefit from your goodness but does not want to put in any effort tell him boy bye.
It is easy to cut him off when no feelings are attached, that's why it is wise not to catch feelings immediately because it is usually a trap. Yeah I know it is not easy but you can do it. You don't need no stress but peace of mind.

Guys that do not respect you are going to keep disrespecting you if you don't shut it down as soon as you notice it. You notice he is disrespecting you tell him before you make a decision, if he does not changing just walk away. Talk it out because in actual sense you need to show people how to treat you meaning if you are being treated in a way you do not like you accepted it from the onset.

It's 2018 and we are all adults so we can all come to the conclusion that boys just want to hit most of the time. And there is no problem with that in all honesty because there are girls that just want to hit too. But some boys  need to watch how desperate they act when they want to hit because sometimes it comes across as rape culture. I won't shake this table today. As for me if all you want is to hit and that's all you have to offer then you and I don't have any business being in a relationship be it 'friends with benefit', 'situation-ship' whatever you want to call it.

We women are too caring we need to stop caring for men way too much especially if they do not give back the same energy. I might be wrong but all men do is take! They take everything from you leaving you drained physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and all the lly you can think of but they never give back and that's sad. Funny thing is you do not realize they are draining you until you walk away. They just take advantage of your caring nature, i am not you mum boy. They always take advantage of everything.

I am sorry not sorry I am putting myself first, my happiness first, my peace of mind first, my everything first. I deserve all the love and care I dish out.

This one is for girls that have been single for so long sometimes you feel you have been alone for a long time and you just allow the next Tom, Dick or Harry into your life. That's a wrong move sis. No matter how long you have been single ensure to wait for someone that'd treat you right, the wait would be worth it.

At this point i think it is safe for me to say men should leave me alone I am tired. So are you anti-boys or nah? What is your take on boys and relationships? Drop a comment let's have a conversation.

Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!!!
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Book Review || Dating Game

Hey guys, so here is another book review and I hope you like this one. This book is relatable and the book was easy to read.

So in this woman's mind she had the perfect marriage, with the perfect husband and two beautiful grown up children. Until the day her husband decided to come out, he told her he was seeing someone after 24 years of marriage. He was willing to throw everything they had in 24 years because he met someone younger can you imagine? That news was really hard for Paris to take in.

Paris was my favorite character can't really tell why maybe it's because she was the center of the book. Life came at her so fast, even though she did not know how to handle all the hurt initially, but her hurt turned to happiness at the end. She handled the situation the way i'd have handled it i think.

My favorite part was when she finally made up her mind to adopt a baby, she did that for herself not caring about what other people thought. You can learn a lesson from that move, do what makes you happy regardless of other peoples opinions.

I love that Danielle Steel portrayed that you can always find better when your relationship does not work with one person. There is always better out there.

For the title I was expecting it to come from a male's angle, him being the player but it was about a woman trying the dating process all over again and it was really difficult for her because she married the first person she dated and now they were over. It was a game for her because she did not know if  she was going to lose or win reason being she thought she was too old to date again. Paris tried different men, she gave them chances even though her boss turned friend turned family (Bix) forced her most of the time. Bix and his partner were one of the people that made Paris feel at home when she newly moved in. It just showed that some times we need certain peoples friendship to get through certain situations. They were her support systems so to say.

If i could add anything to the book i'd add that Peter's new wife left him for someone else, it would have been messy but just so that people understand that you lose them how you get them.

Have you read this book? If yes what do you think of it? Would you recommend any other Danielle Steel book?

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!!
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Depression & Anxiety || Raduno Africa

Hey TPJays,  so I am partnering with  Raduno Africa on this one and we are fighting depression and anxiety together, you are not alone.

There is a big chance that you know someone suffering from depression or anxiety, it could even be you. Do not think you can't be depressed because you are black or African -  male or female. That's a scam anyone can be depressed. Once you notice any significant sign see a doctor or speak to a loved one.

In my opinion, both depression and anxiety come from the same place which is sadness. It is okay to be sad, it's healthy but do not dwell on the things that make you sad always remember to snap out of sadness by doing the things that make you happy. In fact treat yourself to something you have always wanted just to calm your nerves. You deserve it. "Happiness does not depend upon who you are. It solely depends on what you think" - Dale Carnegie.

Do not wallow in negativity, it builds up to depression. "Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results" - Willie Nelson.

I can't really pinpoint what causes depression but here are some of the things that leads to depression; life events (the loss of a loved one, divorce, relationships, financial problems e.t.c.), personality traits (an over-thinker has a higher chance of getting depressed, a perfectionist too), drug abuse.

We all need to take our mental health seriously and learn to cut everything that tries to come for our mental health.


  • Constantly get out of depressed moods such as feeling sad, empty, hopeless.
  • Cut yourself some slack and stop pressurizing yourself.
  • Be active.
  • Don't isolate yourself (I know sometimes isolation seems to be the perfect coping mechanism but know when to be out and about and when to be in).
  • Don't punish yourself for being a bad place instead do things to cheer you up.

In conclusion, when sadness is greater than happiness it tilts towards depression and anxiety, strive to be happy all the time and remember your happiness comes first.

In order to fight depression and anxiety we need to come together, so you all really need to come out for this event. Save the date, hope to see you there.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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Currently I Am (3)

Hey guys. What's up? How have you all been? Here's another edition of this tag. 

Currently, I am……

Missing: You. Yeah you.

Wishing: I could live alone.

Wearing: A chiffon shirt and a pencil skirt.

Listening to: Best life Cardi B ft Chance the Rapper. Damn Cardi really came through with her new album!!

Admiring: My self, I have been looking like a money bag!

Feeling: Really good, I don't even know why. 

Appreciating: How far I have come, I have come a long way in this life. It might not look like it but I definitely have.

Loving: Nothing currently.

Watching: Nothing at the moment.

Reading: The Exit.

Craving: Full English breakfast. I have been craving it for the longest time.

Not sure of: Where I am heading, I am literally still figuring my life out and it seems like it is taking forever for me to get myself together but i am learning to take it easy on myself because one day I was over thinking my future and i think i got depressed till I snapped out. So I really need to stop overthinking i mean God got my back.

Determined to: Achieve all of my dreams one by one.

Regretting: Nothing.

That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by.

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How to: Take care of your skin in a tropic region

Hey TPJays! What’s good? It’s been a minute. Please just ignore my inconsistency, bare with me. It has been a while we have discussed beauty so I have decided to share tips and products I use to take care of my skin in a tropical region.

I recently learned that it is not good to use bar soap on your face because they are harsh on the face and can strip the natural hydrators from the skin which can leave your skin inflamed and red from broken blood vessels. instead of bar soaps use gentle facial scrubs or facial wash.

Fresh look: I use this facial wash, it’s for my dad but he does not use it so I use it now and it’s really good. Who told men they do not need skincare routines? Anyways I use this to exfoliate my skin, it deep cleanses my face leaving it smooth. I use this in the morning when taking a shower instead of a bar soap.

Body shop face wash: I use this at night when I am washing off my makeup, i obviously use face wipes first. This foam wash helps to brighten the face and it also helps to keep your true complexion. It is really soapy so I advise you use a little portion which makes it long lasting.

Day cream: I use this in the morning after having a shower for a healthy looking skin. It also helps to keep your true complexion.

Serum: This is used at night and it does the same thing as the day cream.

Face mask powder: This leaves my skin feeling refreshed and restored. It is vegan-friendly. I use it once a week.

Sun-screen: I strongly advise that if you live in a sunny region like Lagos never step out without applying sunscreen. I feel like a majority of us sleep on the importance of sunscreen.  Sunscreen helps to shield us from UVB rays that can cause sunburns and UVA rays that can cause deeper skin damage. It is advised to apply 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun. Reapplying is as important, if you going to be in the sun for a long time, reapply every hour.

Soothing after sun: Just because i am extra like that, I apply this after being in the sun to cool, moisturize and soothe my skin. It keeps my skin smooth too.

Always have a pair of sunglasses in your bag as well they help to prevent harmful emission from the sun. So that’s it for today I hope you have learned one or two things? And if you have any tip to help take care of our skin share in the comment box.

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