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Hello guys!!! I actually can not forget  this day because it was the day i turned 18!! Every one around me made me feel like a baby because i was not 18 so turning 18 makes me feel like a BIG GIRL. I just could not wait for that day, one reason was because it was clearly stated on my uni id that i was under aged so i could not showoff my id but now i can :) There just a lot more i can do now that i am legal!!! It was literally the best day of my life i had so much fun, my friends made my day. This was the only day my hotline blinged lol, i even got tired of it blinging . So i did not plan on doing anything special because it was on a Monday and i had uni that day but my friends came through and made it a memorable one. And also i got a lovely dress and shoe that day [got other gifts but that was the only one that came that day ;)] the shoes can be seen below and when i wear the dress would notify you guys. After receiving the gift i decided to play dress up hence the pictures.

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Top: select
Pants: Asos
Shoes: Asos

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