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Hey guys, how was your week? I hope it went well. I want to use this medium to thank you all that read this blog... So today's post was inspired by my presentation on Friday. We were told to dress smart and trust me my course mates killed it we were all looking good so i  decided to take a few pictures and yeah i decided to share it with you guys. Looking at the pictures i think i should get involved in men's fashion but this would only happen if you guys ask for it!!!! If you notice i am the only girl in this post lol that is my life in reality, i am always surrounded with boys don't know why but i think boys make better friends than girls to be very honest. And yeah for those of you that care my presentation went well :) And this post is quite different cos i was unable to get the details of my guys outfit so there would be no details at the bottom of the page.

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