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Hey lovelies!!! Hope you are all good?! So guys i am throwing back to summer!!! I was actually so happy that day, the happiness that came from within was due to the sun. Like after surviving the harsh cold and then you see proper sun, not the five five minute sun you see during winter but the Nigeria kind of sun, i had no choice but to be happy. I was feeling my self you know!! I  posed like a model in fact i was feeling like a model lol. Still want a modelling career but i dont even know where to start from but i am still not going to give up. Hmmmm i am trying to think of what inspired my outfit......i think i just felt like making up, you know i am team natural beauty all the way and dressing for fun because i did not do anything that day just went to another city to receive fresh air!
Enjoy xx


Top- Apple bottom
Pants- Primark
Shoes- Primark
Shades- Amazon
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