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My 2015 in 1 post


Hey guys, i trust we are all good and i know everyone is in the holiday spirit!!! Hope we all enjoyed our holiday?! So guys my 2015 was beautiful, what was your 2015 in one word?? (you could drop your answer below). I learnt a lot in 2015, learnt a lot of lessons, received a lot of blessings, lost a lot of friends (i dont mean dead btw), gained a lot of friends, just want to say a big thank you to all my friends and family that made 2015 beautiful for me. I pray that 2016 would be better for all of us. I figured out who i truly am in 2015, and i am loving the lady i am becoming. Do whatever makes you happy my mum told me and trust me that is what kept me in 2015 and i am still going to take that to 2016. I am not about the 'new year new me' but in 2016 all i want is to be closer to God. I dont mean to bore you but without God we are actually nothing, we are pencils in the hand of the creator(GOD)..i know the first thing that comes to mind is super story lol. This new year we should stay focused (key to success), bless up!
SADTING: I am not going to post for a while until i am done with my exams :( would keep you guys posted.

Y'll should watch out better things this year, expect beautiful post  from me this year.


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