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Slim Thick

Hey guys, i hope you are all good, so yeah am done with my exams and i really missed blogging. Hope you guys missed me. So this year i have been  thinking of how to get thicker but it is just not working for me, i am not just adding weight :( apparently outfits look better on girls with curve. Good news to all the slim ladies out there,  i stumbled on some tips on how we can look thick and yeah i decided to share to with you all because am nice.

5 ways to add curves to a skinny body

1. Peplum top/dress; this adds more curves to you frame, lowkey they are fading out of fashion but that does not mean you can not still rock them.

  image4xxl.jpg (870×1110)
2. Horizontal stripes; this gives your body some extra curve as vertical stripes makes you look taller and slimmer.
Women-s-V-neck-basic-font-b-shirt-b-font-long-sleeve-font-b-horizontal-b.jpg (555×438)
3. Layering; Wearing more voluminous clothes, a pile of clothing, is a good way to give an illusion of a curvy body. This is also essential for this cold season.

g.jpg (410×513)

4.Wear clothes with volume; Slim fits is a no no as it draws attention to your skinny frame, while clothes with volume gives your body an extra volume making you look thicker. Examples of clothes with volume are balloon skirt/dress, pleated skirt/dress, maxi dresses or dolman sleeves

Jessica-White-at-launch-of-Casio-New-TRYX-digital-camera.jpg (330×600)

5. Go wide leg; skinny jeans does not necessarily give us extra curves but they are the best jeans for us, that does not mean we should wear supper skinny jeans as this would just emphasis on our skinny body, and also boot leg jeans aka wide leg jeans are recommended as this gives an illusion of extra bulk.

Rachel-Zoe-Wide-Legged-Jean.jpg (318×525)

Remember opposite attract, so if you wear a loose top/shirt go for a skinny jeans and vice-versa. Wear a lot of bracelet and bangles and apparently belts help to give a curvy illusion.
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