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Let's play

Hello lovelies, how you doing? I guess you are all doing good! Guys am so excited as this is our first "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY Series" and yeah i promise to drop a post every Friday. So for today's series i decided to be playful as you will notice below, i love to play!! After all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. You would notice that i am always happy, there is no me without a smile and the only reason why i can afford to put a smile almost every time is because i have no worries, it is not as if i have no worries but i take life gently, i face whatever life has for me and beyond, i try to challenge myself on a daily but after all the challenges i still put on a smile and move on "you are not fully dressed until you wear a smile" nothing can take my happiness that is why i always create time for play.

So yeah back to my outfit, my outfit was inspired by the five minutes sun i saw shining, even though i wore a sweater because i did not trust the sun as i knew it was not going to last long, play was in my mind i forgot to take a jacket with me, all i wanted was fresh air,  i survived the cold still. I enjoyed every bit of this shoot!!!
Enjoy xx

Behind the scene
And this happened while shooting.

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Cop my style
Sweater- Peacock
Pants - Topshop
Boots -Uggs
Bag - Newlook
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London Fashion Week

Hello beautiful people, i trust you are all good. Today is the end of London Fashion week, the February Edition, really looking forward for the September one. I followed this years LFW and i loved it, so i decided to share my opinion to you guys as i am going to share my top 5 outfit, my worst outfit and so much more and i also want to use this means to brief y'll that did not follow LFW up. Enjoy xx
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My Bag

Hey lovelies, how have you been? I know it has been a minute. Guys i have been so busy as school is becoming more demanding and stressful. I was not even planning on posting anything, i was just packing my bag getting ready for uni and the idea of doing a "what's in my bag post popped in my head".

My hair brush 
 My head phones (this is life as i can not do without music.)
 MY Pencil case
 My Perfume 
 My glasses, oh yeah i wear glasses and yeah they are medicated.
 My Hand cream
 My scarf and gloves, yup just to keep me warm. Ngl i hardly wear them gloves but they are always in my bag during winter just in case of incasity lol.

 Chewing gum, this is key as i really can not do serious work without it.
 My note books
 My lip balm and mascara, my lip balm is major key because i can not do without it, there is always lip balm on my lips because my lips actually hurt and swells when they are dry and also my mascara is bae.
 My purse

Cop what's in my bag
Bag - Newlok
Hair brush - Primark
Head phones - Apple store
Pencil case - Athmosphere
Perfume - Nougat London
Glasses - Boss Orange
Hand cream - Boots
Scarf- Athmosphere
Gloves - Carphone ware house
Gum - A random corner store
Note books - 99p store
Lip balm - Boots
Mascara - too faced better than sex
Purse - Asos

 My Make up bag

All this fit into my make up bag except my coconut oil. lol.

Guys am not a makeup artist in any form just going to show you the products i use, and would just talk a little bit about them.
I use any one of these to get a fleeky eyebrows:
1.  Eyebrow kit- collection

2. Brow pomade- NYX (tinted and frame) in espresso

Eyeshadows, they are actually the in thing at the moment, i ain't a pro yet, still learning how to apply it properly that is why i have the little palette. The ones i have are to achieve a natural and also a smokey look.
1. Mary kay in Chai latte 
2. Mary Kay in Coal 
Lipsticks are my favorite make up stuff tbh, anything that has to do with my lips i take it so seriously i don't know why but i love my lips. My favorite lips color are nude, red and purple.
1. i cant remember where i got that lippie and it has rubbed off, it is a light shade of purple though. 
2. NYX (heredes) 538
3. Mary kay satin lips, for a softer lips you should get this product.
4. MAC (Smoked purple)
5. It is a liquid lipstick, cant remember where i got it from and the name has rubbed off as well.
6.Cant remember where i got that from as well but it is a nude lipstick
7. Marykay red lipgloss
8. Mary kay (don't know the shade)
9. Too faced (Naked dolly)
10. cant remember where i got it from :(
Time for the face, i am still looking for the perfect foundation for me right now i am using NYX, it is not bad but i am not really satisfied with it, so if you have any foundation suggestion for me leave your suggestion in the comment box cheers. 
1. L'oreal, it is in a light shade so i use it to highlight
2. Sleek in creme caramel 398, it is also in a light shade and i also use to highlight.
3. NYX tinted moisturizer in tan, this product is just bae, you can use it instead of your foundation if you want a natural look, this is so lightweight and it can be used during summer instead of foundation just to give your face a little breathing space.
4. NYX stay matte but not flat foundation in chestnut.
5. Marykay facial highlighting pen. 
My favorite bit of making up contouring and putting some glow on your face, there is nothing like too much glow!!!! Glow baby glow!! LOL. So yeah i love contouring because at the moment i have a fat face, like literally all the food am eating is going to my face :( so yeah i just have to contour the hell out of my face just go get a slimmer face look. And the blush is just there to put some color on my face. 
1. Sleek blush in pink lemonade.
2. Sleek face form in dark
3. Sleek Face contour kit in medium
Lashes!!!!! My face ain't complete without one, i don't think this is make upper say but it enhances my beauty so why not.
1. Eylure in kimberley
2. My used ones
3. Hair bonding glue
4. Improvised glue applicator (a small stick)
Eyeliner has not really been my thing because my wings were never perfect, but now, my wings are as good as Nicki Minaj's ones.
1. Bodyshop liquid liner.
2. NYX liquid liner.
To set my whole face after all the contour and highlight i use
1. NYX when a leopard gets a tan.
2. NYX matte bronzer in deep tan.
Lol yeah i am sure you guys are wandering what the coconut oil is for! It is for moisturizing your face before applying makeup.

And yeah guys, PRIMER!!! this is key *the picture of my primer refused to upload* anyways if you are looking for a good primer i suggest the Marykay primer. Trust me on this one!!!!


Guys, i have a lot of Marykay product in stock for you, so go cop your makeup product @ or you can call 07879327382, we ship world wide.

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Twitter: @ppurplejournal
Ig: @tpurplejournal

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Hey beautiful people! Hope you are all good? Happy new month by the way!!!! OMG! am i the only one but January took five months to end, it was just too long maybe it was long because of all the unnecessary beefs but it was such an entertaining month. And yeah, every one is saying that their new year is starting this new month, but i  think mine started last months and as always i learnt a lot last month and am so happy because 2016 is looking promising :) So yeah back to my outfit! I could not be bothered to dress up for church yesterday so i decided to play with neutral colors (Beige, White and Black) and i liked the simple style i was able to create. 

So yeah the weather was really cold so i decided to throw two scarves on my outfit. I really dont know why my legs are bending, just ignore them lol and also ignore my cornrows.

 Cop my style:
Top - Newlook
Pants - Asos
Coat - A random store in london (you can get a similar coat from newlook)
Scarf - Balogun market (lagos)
Shoe - Public desire

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