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Hello lovelies, how you doing? I guess you are all doing good! Guys am so excited as this is our first "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY Series" and yeah i promise to drop a post every Friday. So for today's series i decided to be playful as you will notice below, i love to play!! After all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. You would notice that i am always happy, there is no me without a smile and the only reason why i can afford to put a smile almost every time is because i have no worries, it is not as if i have no worries but i take life gently, i face whatever life has for me and beyond, i try to challenge myself on a daily but after all the challenges i still put on a smile and move on "you are not fully dressed until you wear a smile" nothing can take my happiness that is why i always create time for play.

So yeah back to my outfit, my outfit was inspired by the five minutes sun i saw shining, even though i wore a sweater because i did not trust the sun as i knew it was not going to last long, play was in my mind i forgot to take a jacket with me, all i wanted was fresh air,  i survived the cold still. I enjoyed every bit of this shoot!!!
Enjoy xx

Behind the scene
And this happened while shooting.

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Sweater- Peacock
Pants - Topshop
Boots -Uggs
Bag - Newlook
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