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A Night with the King

Hey lovelies, how you doing? I guess you are all doing good. HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!!! This calls for a TGIF series lol. So for today series i decided to share what went down at the black tie event the youth in my church organised. Guys guess what happened to me! Any ways i wore the outfit above for the ball i know it is not all that of a ball dress but my actual outfit decided not to fit me on the D-day, i can swear it fitted me three days before the ball, it got me asking myself if i had added weight in three days and i know that was not possible but on the bright side i returned the dress and got my money back :) Anyways what i learnt from my dress disappointment story is that you should always have an alternative a plan B outfit, cos you can never tell what would happen on the D-day.

So back to the ball; guys i was unable to take a lot of pictures of my self and my outfit :(  because i was busy all through the night. It is not easy to be in the planning committee apparently my team and i planned the night and we thank God it was successful, everyone had fun and we got  a lot of positive feedback. After that night i started to appreciate event planners, MAN! it is not easy to plan an event.
Since i only took one picture, i am going to share a few pictures of what other people wore and also my top three best dressed for the night. Enjoy x





Out of the selected three, which is your best?  Leave your answer in the comment box below. Cheers xx

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Dress: Asos
Shoe: Truffle collection

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