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Hello beautiful people! Exams are finally over so i am back to blogging, yayy!! For those that had exams hope they were good and those that are yet to write theirs, good luck!!! I really missed blogging.

So guys! I promised to share tips and tricks on how i maintain my natural hair and the products i use.This is really different from what i usually post but i am doing this because, the last time i left out my natural hair, i got a lot of comments and also people were asking me the products i use on my hair. I hope you learn one or two things!

So i am going to start with washing, this is really important for the growth of your hair; i just learnt the technique of just using only conditioner to wash your hair, the result is amazing you should try it. That does not mean you should stop washing your hair with shampoo, but you should reduce the amount of shampoo you use on your natural hair, the only time shampoo should be used is when your hair is really dirty! One trick i have learnt is that as a naturalist, you should not use towel to dry your hair, make use of a cotton cloth or air dry it.

 So now conditioning, as a naturalist deep conditioning is vital, for deep conditioning i use conditioning shampoo which requires me to wash it off after 5 minutes this helps to treat your hair! And also i use leave in conditioner, it help de-tangle and moisturize your hair, i use shear butter as my leave-in conditioner both the unprocessed one and the processed one. When conditioning make sure you condition every bit of your hair and you generously apply conditioner to your hair.

For the fact that natural hair sheds when combing it, i use a hair fall control to reduce shed and also to style my hair.  
Oil!!! I can not stress the importance of using oil it is really good for hair growth, it helps to moisturize your hair as well and it gives your hair that shine! So i use olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil. Coconut oil is bae, it solves any problem; any situation that comes your way just put coconut oil and it would be solved. LOL
The oil below is a scented hair oil, i basically use it just so it gives my hair a nice scent, it really smells nice.

 After shampooing, conditioning, oiling and drying, make sure you braid your hear i mean weave it to prevent it from shedding and shrinking.

Are you really a naturalist if you do not have the two items above!!! An afro comb is an essential item, and i think every naturalist should possess one, it just makes combing your hair easier. And also i think every naturalist should possess a spray bottle, my spray bottle contains water and i spray water on my hair when i am about to comb and style my hair, just to soften it.

How i look on afro :) Do not be deceived by shrinkage my hair is longer than that and i do not have white hair, was still conditioning when i took those selfies.

The hair products i used can be gotten from boots or super drugs and also any hair store apart from the unprocessed shear butter.

Do not forget to let me know if you learnt something from this post by dropping a comment in the comment box below and you can keep in touch with me on any of my social media platforms below:

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