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Hello lovelies! How are you doing? I trust you are all  good! it feels like it has been ages though, i really miss you guys. So today i am doing something different, I would like to share my experience at Shrewsbury with you guys.

The place we stayed in Shrewsbury was indeed a horrible place indeed, the location was dead, the accommodation was even more dead. It was a compulsory field trip for my course and it was also 50% of one of modules so i had no choice than to go :(  I basically spent five days in a bare farm, a village, the country side all because of a degree!!!

Hope i do not irritate you but the farm which we had to survey was literally full of animal shit, like every single corner. How did our lecturers expect us to put in maximum  concentration when we had to work on shit!!

So yeah, the first batch of people that went told us, the second batch how horrible it was and i actually thought they were exaggerating. They told us how much work we had to do, how bad the accommodation was, how bad the food was. Due to my foodie lifestyle, i decided to pack some snacks, food and drink just in case that part of the story was true, and it was actually true.

Day 1
We met at the bus station around 8 am, we left for shrewsbury at 9 am and we got there at around 11:30 am, the first batch were still there as they were to leave at around 12:20 noon. One of my friend that was in the first batch said to me and my other friends that already arrived " welcome to hell" i actually thought it was all banter but that place was actually hell on earth. After the first batch left the place became peaceful, we could not get into our rooms until 3:30 pm. Around 1:30 pm our lecturers briefed us on what we were expected to do, so basically we started work on the first day. My group members and i had already shared the work load and we planned on the time it would take each of us to finish our work. To cut the story short we worked on the first day we finished by 5:30 pm, i did not do my bit of the work yet because i had to wait for two people to finish their work before mine can begin. We had dinner at 6 pm, We had beef, veggies and potatoes for dinner (not all that bad) but was not filling so i feasted on the bread and coke i brought. I forgot to mention it was raining all day, just imagine surveying in the rain :(

Day 2
I had to wake up early in order to get breakfast because breakfast was 7 am - 9 am. I could not even shower comfortably as the water would decide to go hot or cold when it likes.  Breakfast was not bad, it was a regular English breakfast (half cooked egg, one sausage, one bacon, one harsh brown and baked beans) which was okay. We also had to pack lunch (make sandwich and wraps ourselves) some of the things we had to put in the sandwich looked nasty like the tuna and egg and mayo but i still had to pack some food in order to survive. So on the second day we started work at 9 am and finished by 5 pm so that was practically a long day. The first people that were to do their bit of the work kept on making mistake so i could not start my bit just helped the do their correction. It was a really long day on the field, i almost cried due to frustration and stress. Oh! i did not tell you guys how i told my lecturers i needed a room to myself, guess what i shared my room with two people lol, sharing was not bad at all because they were my friends. OH MY DAYS!!!! Dinner was so bad on this day, we were served chicken tikka and something i just had to eat the edible bit and then fed on my junks as dinner.

Day 3
Woke up early again, apparently today we were going to be on the field from 9 am - 9 pm. We had the same breakfast and the same packed lunch :( We actually surveyed for about ten hours, i am actually here wondering what in God's name we were surveying. Surveying and the calculations we had to do were actually difficult. So yeah they were still some mistakes so i did not start my work until  afternoon, i could not be wasting my time as i had nothing to do so i went to join another group that had already started my bit so i could learn what to do.
Plot twist: i don't think my group members liked that even though they did not tell me so i think it would affect me negatively when they assess me.

After that i did my bit but we were unable to finish by 9 pm so we agreed to meet by 4 am in order to complete my work so that the other three people can start theirs. Dinner was actually okay we had chicken. I had some calculations to do so i slept late around 12 midnight i set my alarm to wake me up for four but i woke up by seven. I could not wake up by 4 because my headphones were plugged to my phone so it did not ring out.
Plot twist: i did not make it to our 4 am meeting which shows i was unserious but God knows i really wanted to wake up by 4 am and someone had to help me finish my bit so that the rest could progress since i did not come for the 4 am meeting, all this would be used against me during peer assessment.

Day 4
Same old story, same old meal but on this day i decided not to pack lunch because i was disgusted by just looking at it. Today was the last day for us to use the instruments to survey we were to return it by 5 pm and then do our calculations and report from 5 pm till 12 noon the next day. I also forgot to mention that during the distribution of work load i was given two bits to do, while every one had one (we were  six in the group). so after everyone had finished their bit no one wanted to help me with my bit, I needed assistance with measurement and nailing woods and all, my group members came to a conclusion that we were not going to submit that bit of the work and if we don't i was going to get a zero and i was not ready to fail so i was running up and down to get help from other group but every one was busy as we had to return the instruments by 5 pm, i was left all by myself i started to do the bits i could do by myself as i was not going to give up because i was not ready to fail, i actually cried because i was left alone to do something i could not do alone. I really do not know what happened to my group members but they came to their senses at around 3 pm and they decided to help me, we finished right on time 4:45 pm. That was the end of staying on the shitty field i was so happy because we were leaving the next day. Dinner was so bad that day i cant even remember what we were served, and remember i did not pack launch so i was so hungry but my junks kept me. So after dinner and all i started doing my calculation and filling my report just for my group mates to change my topic on the report to something we did not do on the field (they were some activities we were unable to do on the field because of time) at around 12 in the midnight, i felt my group members were bent on making sure i failed that module. I slept on my uncomfortable single bed angry.

Day 5
This was the D-day everyone was excited to leave Shrewsbury, I have never been that excited to go back to Coventry before. I had the same breakfast *rolling eyes* did not pack lunch, could not be bothered was going home to food (when i got to Coventry my friend had already cooked for me). I submitted an unfinished report at 12 noon. Then peer assessment, after peer assessment my group members started given me dirty looks i knew they had already assessed me poorly but i could not be bothered just wanted to leave that place!!!

I would like to know how you would have handled that situation, so let me know in the comment box below. You should also feel free to hit me upon any of my social media platforms below:

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