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Rainy days

Hello from the other siiiiiddddeeee! Hey beautiful people, hope you are all good? How did your week go and hope you are ready for the weekend? Welcome to another edition of TGIF! So for today's series, i am serving you guys retro, which is good for the summer and i am also going to share how my week went. Remember when i told you, you would see more of my flare look? I have come up with another way to style your flare pants. For this look i paired my flare pant with a loose fitting top and sandals just to keep it simple and chic and i felt a hat was a perfect accessory to complete the look. Flares are a must try this summer, so guys go cop yourself a flare pant and join the flare party!! Nothing really inspired this outfit, i have pictured this look in my head for a long time and i decided to bring it to live.

As you can tell from the background of the pictures it was a rainy day, hence the title of the post. This is one of the most interesting shoots i have had in ages as it was done under the rain, like everyone loves playing in the rain, and i was surrounded with friends that made me laugh and encouraged me. One of my friends from college came to my city to say hello and spent a few days with me. We lowkey had fun even though all we did was sleep, eat and watch horror movies. Okay i was the only one watching horror movies, my friend was busy watching cartoons, grown woman like her lol. One of the days we went to the movies to watch conjuring 2, the movie was supposed to be scary but it was funny. Scary movies don't scare me no more, i guess it is because i am grown now :| back to the movie we watched, i think i should just say the beginning was funny but the ending was eerrmm, i won't say scary but it would make you jump off your seat one or two times.

Anyways guys i just felt like dropping this, everything might not be alright now but i want you to know that your sunny days are ahead.

 A quick shout out to my friend that takes my pictures @ahlaaji that is his instagram handle, check him out!

Hope you enjoyed today's episode of the TGIF series, let me know what you think of this outfit in the comment box below.

Top: Gifted
Pant: Boohoo
Hat: Primark
Purse: Athmosphere
Bangles: Opia

Sandals: Pink label

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