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Happy New month TPJ readers, it has been 6 days since i wrote and i have missed writing so i decided to write today and i am doing something different because i am far away from my photographer. Hope you guys enjoy it. Where are my manners? How are you guys doing, i trust you all are good. What are your plans for this new month? (Let me know in the comment box below). Jeeez i talk to much, let us go straight to what today is all about......

So Currently I Am.....

Missing: My siblings, i have not seen them in two years :( even though they are troublesome and they stress me a lot, i miss their trouble, their stress, everything about them. Hopefully my plans to go home this December works out.

Wishing: I don't have to take drugs, at the moment i am ill and i have to take drugs and i hate them so much. I can remember when i was younger and my mum dispenses my drugs i would hide them in my bra top and then flush them, lol i really hate them.

Wearing:  Over sized clothes and loose clothes because i feel so comfortable in them and they are easy to style. They can be worn casually and they can also be worn out it just depends on how you style it.

Listening to: Mamacita and Shabba. Wizkid is the reason why i am listening to these songs, they are so nice. I love em, i love em, i love em! If you know me personally you would know how much i love wizkid and his music.

Admiring: Justine Skye, i admire her because she is young and she is making waves. She is a pretty young lady who is a singer and a model. Modelling is one thing we have in common i really want to be a model but i think i have to kill that dream and move forward. Second thing  we have in common is purple, even though purple is not her best color but right now if you think of purple you think of her. Lastly i admire her sense of style, her fashion style is A1.

Feeling: Very hyped because it is the second half of the year. And i have a project i am working on and i hope to be done with my project by the end of the year. Just know that something big is cooking  :) and i hope everything works as planned.

Appreciating: My mum and dad, i really appreciate every sacrifice my parents have done for me. I know sometimes i behave like i don,t appreciate them but i really do, may God bless them for me. I also appreciate my friends, my real friends, those that stick up for me, those that come through and those that support my hustle, God bless you for me as well.

Loving the: Off shoulder and choker trend! Like this trend is just so beautiful. 

Watching: Game of thrones. So i am watching game of thrones from the beginning because at some point i jumped seasons so i got confused. I am still in season 1, got a long way to go.

Reading: Nothing! It is so sad i am currently not reading anything. I need to start getting ready for final year, so i need to start reading. I also want to cultivate the habit of reading, it does not have to be only text books, it can be novels, newspaper, inspirational books e.t.c. (suggest some books you think i should read in the comment box below)

Craving: Ice-cream but i can not have some because i have a cold, like who has a cold during summer??

Not sure of: What i want to do i future. In as much as i have plans as an African, my parents have to approve of the things i want to venture into but as things are going my dad is not in support of my plans. But i am going to leave everything to God and let him direct my path.

Determined to: Make my mum so proud of me. I have to make her proud, i just have to make her proud. She motivates me, she inspires me, she is my back bone. Love her so much.

Regretting: Nothing really.

I just feel this month is going to be the best month this year so i am anticipating what it has in stock for me. Stay pretty, keep vibing, and slay on.

Have a blessed month xx

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  1. swimsuit by James Patterson is a good choice of a book to read, you could also read books by Ted Dekker, Burn is an amazing one.
    you have a very lovely blog
    do check out my blog

    1. Thanks folakemi, would definitely check out your blog