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Hello TPJ readers, how was your week? I am guessing it was great, mine was superb. Welcome to another edition of the TGIF series! Today's edition is a little bit different, i have been thinking and i figured you guys might be tired of seeing my face every time so i decided to light it up by bringing a new face. So today our new face is one of my close friends, apparently he is my first client because i styled his simple look. If you take a good look at his t-shirt and pant you would notice they are ripped, why buy a ripped yeezy t-shirt when you can diy. I tried to make my look simple as well enjoying summer and loving the color blue hence the summer blue. During summer i tend to wear less, every one tends to wear less really, a top and a jeans would do but like i said before i have falling in love with loose clothes referring to my loose pants they are just so comfy. For this look i am wearing two chokers, i was trying to stack them but i did not notice one of it got loose, the loosed one is actually not a choker it is an anklet turned choker. This is actually the best summer so far, should i call it summer or heatwave? Because it has been so hot this week! The hottest day was on Tuesday and i was literally boiling, i was begging God for rain, still begging God for rain though. Through out this week i have been putting on sunscreen so that i do not get sunburn but i did because i noticed that my skin got darker, more melanin for me then lol ;) 

What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comment box bellow. Thank God it is Friday!!!!

Cop my style: 
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Select
Shoes: London Rebel
Glasses: Cartier 
Chocker: New look, Asos
Hand bead: Opia

Cop his style:
Self distressed t-shirt: Topman
Distressed joggers: Zara Men
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Shades: Versace 
Ring: Versace
Wristwatch: Burberry

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