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Hey dear, happy new week my friends. So today i am going to share my daily skin routine, this is my biggest secret so be sure to keep it yourself lol you can share it if it works on your skin. So today i am sharing my whole skin care routine that is, how i maintain my face, my body and my lips. It is a total package!

So in the morning when i wake up i go straight to the bathroom to have a shower, right before i shower i wash my face with a black soap which clears and restores my skin. The black soap helps to remove excess oil which would be good for people with oily skin, it also helps to fade dark spots and clear acne so make sure you try it if you fall into any of this categories.

After that i make use of a creamy cleanser to make my skin softer. The product i use removes make up, impurities and oil without drying the skin; the fact that it does not dry the skin is the reason why i use it immediately after using the black soap because the black soap makes the face dry but my creamy cleanser brings the face back to live. I use the creamy cleanser for my morning routine.

Then again i go back to wash my face with a facial wash. With the number of times i wash my face, dark spots have nothing on my face. The facial wash i use, help to bring out your true complexion and it also helps to keep your face smooth. 

 So after washing my face i shower, i make use of a dove bar soap and a sponge. The sponge i use really helps to exfoliate the skin, i use the glove like sponge. I moisturize my face with a cream sometimes and sometimes coconut oil. There are several reasons why we need to moisturize, not just our faces but our whole body. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Moisturizing helps to reduce the appearance of other blemishes.
  2. It helps your skin stay young.
  3. It helps fight wrinkles.
  4. It reduces any chance of a skin problem and prevents acne.
  5. For the make up lovers, it makes your make up look more natural.

I moisturize my whole body with a body oil i made by myself. I use a body oil because i was not satisfied with the results i got with using cream. And also i have a lot of dark spots on my legs, cream was not fading it away but using oil has faded my spots to an extent. My body oil consists of the following; ori (shear butter), coco nut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and vitamin E. The body oil keeps your skin soft, fresh and smooth.

Lets go back to the face, the first routine i share with you was my morning routine, now i would show you my night routine. After the end of the day, when you are home in your comfort zone you should take off your make up, do not wait till you are so tired! I remove my makeup using wipes, but wipe should not be used frequently. Make up can be removed naturally by using cotton wool and coconut oil.

After wiping off my make up i use my makeup remover to clean my face, it also acts as a toner. I love it's smell it smells like cucumber and i love cucumber!

Then i wash my face with my black soap and then dry my face with a face towel and then i moisturize. Make sure your face towel is used for only your face and nothing else and it should be washed every three days.

Now it is time to show you what i do on a weekly basis to maintain my skin. I use my Nivea Exfoliating scrub to exfoliate my face, i do it once a week. I wash my face with either my black soap or my facial wash then i make use of the exfoliating scrub. Note that the scrub has to be applied on a damp face. After Using the scrub rinse with lukewarm water. The scrub helps to remove dead skin cells and it also makes the skin surface smooth for an even complexion. 

 Facial mask, this is for oily skin and combination skin. It is a self heat facial mask, it should be left on the face for 5 minutes for it to clean the face properly and then rinse it with warm water.

 Last but not the least my lip care routine! For my lips i use a lip mask by marykay, it does wonders. Before i started using my lip mask i exfoliated my lips naturally using a mixture of a tablespoon of brown sugar with enough honey and sometimes olive oil. I use my lip mask once a week, i scrub my lips with the lip mask adequately so that it removes dead skin then i leave it for about a minute and wipe it off with a clean damp cloth. After then i apply a lip balm.

 Things you should note
  1. Make sure you clean your face, tone your face and moisturize.
  2. Now that i have told you the importance of moisturizer, you do not just apply it to your face you should rub it into your face. Massage in your moisturizer!!
  3. Make your daily routine as simple as possible.
  4. Wear sunscreen, i did not mention it earlier but you should wear sunscreen. It prevents dark spots and skin discoloration.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Avoid face wipes, this might not be easy but they should be avoided. Here are some reasons why you should avoid them; they contain chemicals that can irritate the skin, being packed on top of one another is a breeding ground for bacteria.
  8. Do not over exfoliate your face, be gentle whilst cleaning and washing your face. And also when washing and exfoliating your face remember to do same to your neck so that they have the same complexion.
  9. When washing or rinsing your face ensure you use lukewarm water.
  10. Treat yourself to a facial, you can do your facial yourself or go to a spa but treat your self to one. It can be on a weekly or monthly basis, it all depends on you.

Hope you learnt one or two things xx

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  1. This is very helpful, even if I suck at things like this Lol.
    The black soap is definitely a fave though, I use it also