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Simply Beautiful Collection (Review)

Good day my dear TPJ readers. How is your summer going? I hope everyone is chilling and having fun this summer. Today i am going to be talking about a certain skincare product that i got to review. This is my first review! yayy!! SBC (Simply Beautiful Collection) has been in the beauty and skincare business for a long time now, for about 25 years. That is a long time for the company to know the pros and cons of beauty/skincare products. SBC has also been seen on Cosmopolitan, that shows that there products are A1.

I have only used this products for two weeks and i have falling in love with them, i am going to squeeze them into my skincare routine and i am going to purchase this products for sure. P.s: The company SBC, hooked me up with there product. It is a sponsored post.

SBC produce various skincare product but i am reviewing just two. Before i start talking about the product i would like to say i love the way the product is bottled, it is so simple and elegant. 

Body wash: I love the smell of the grapefruit and ginger exfoliating body wash that contains elderflower as well, which is so healthy for the skin. This product is so good for the summer as it tones, cleans, smoothens and energizes your skin. Everyone has problem areas that are just darker than their actual skin, problem areas such as; elbow, knee and feet. When using this product, i emphasize on my knee and my elbow because those are my problem areas and i noticed that they darkness around those areas are fading. Another thing i love about this exfoliating body wash is that it is so gentle on the skin and it does the job, exfoliating body or facial wash are usually harsh. I use this product the normal way i use a bathing which is wetting my sponge and then putting a reasonable amount on the sponge, then i scrub my body. 

Body oil: This oil is a total package, it smells so beautiful, so soft on the skin. It makes your skin feel like a baby's skin. This product is made with the use of cotton seed, oat kernel, and vitamin E. If you have a dry or a sensitive skin, i strongly recommend this product and they are affordable so you should definitely try them. I use this product by applying it all over my body before i shower and applying it again after i shower.

Surely this products are a must get this summer as your skin tends to be dry during summer but this products bring it back to life by keeping the skin hydrated and glowy.

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