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Hawes and Curtis (Review)

 Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! How are you doing guys? I guess you're doing okay. I wish you could see my face right now, i am so excited because it is a bank holiday (public holiday) and i am going to rest all day. So let's go straight to business, today i would be reviewing a Hawes & Curtis shirt. For those that have me on snapchat, you would have seen me wear this shirt and hear me talk about my collaboration with this prestigious brand. The review is coming a bit late because i had to try this product several times in order for me to have things for me to say about it.

Hawes and curtis has been in the clothing industry since 1913, that is a very long time and that shows how much they are into the clothing industry. They are one of the best selling shirt companies in London.

I have had this product for almost a month now, i have worn it a few times and i have washed it once. I requested for a white shirt (this is a sponsored post) because i had already rocked a colourful shirt from Hawes & Curtis HERE, you can also check out their various white shirts HERE. I was expecting a plain white shirt but to my surprise i got a pleated bib front, single cuffs and a round collar. The shirt came in a size 8 and it was made to be semi-fitted and obviously the shirt was made out of 100% cotton. The shirt came with a necktie which i decided to use as a chocker. The semi-fitted shirt fitted me perfectly and the shirt was nicely cut and they looked so perfect!

If you are looking for a quality shirt, Hawes & Curtis is your best bet. They have a lot of varieties; from cotton shirt to silk shirts, from tertiary colours to really bright colours, from plain shirts to shirts with patterns. So really you have a wide range to choose from. Now let us talk about the durability of their products, so the big question is how well do their shirts last after wearing and washing them?? Truth be told as a regular customer i can tell you that their shirts are durable because after washing the shirts still maintains their shape, the fabrics don't fade, the collar does not curl and there is little or no shrinkage.

Hope you enjoyed the all white look? Let me know how you would style your Hawes and Curtis Shirt in the comment box below.

Photos taken and edited by IG: @dolaposh

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Hello guys, my blog is officially one!! It was one last week Sunday. Around this time last year i decided to start afresh, it is not been easy but i want to first thank God for where he has taking my blog to thus far and where he would be taking it to in the future. I want to say a big thank you to my friends that support me, it means a lot to me and i love you all. A very big thank you to my beautiful TPJ readers, you guys mean a lot to me, i love you guys so much for actually taking out time to read my post <3 really without you all i would not have gotten here.

I really don't have much to say today, i am short of words hence the brief writeup. This summer i have been rocking the colour blue so i decided to use it as my anniversary colour. This dress has been in my wardrobe for almost a year now and it has not been featured on my blog that is why i picked this outfit for my anniversary.

It is now time to add the icing to the cake!! *drum rolls*  we won the best lifestyle blogger for the blogger point blogger's brunch. Thanks to each and every one that nominated and voted me, i love you all. That is the best anniversary gift i could ever wish for.

Now that my blog is one year, bigger things ahead and i promise not to disappoint you.

Photos taken and edited by IG: @dolaposh

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Jacket: Asos
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I Blog Because......

Hello beautiful people, hope you are doing alright. Sorry i have not been consistent my laptop broke down so i automatically had to take a break but don't worry during the break i was able to come up with some ideas so i have great stuffs for my dear readers.

So today i am going to be telling you reasons why i blog. I am doing this to support a twitter campaign for bloggers. Basically it is a positivity campaign @johnrdtovol is running this summer to spread the love in the blogging world. He is asking bloggers to either share a video as to why they love blogging or to write a blogpost and i decided to write a blogpost. If you are a blogger you should definitely join the campaign and make sure you hit him up that is his handle in italics.  

I have been away for two weeks and it feels like i have been away like forever.  So before i tell you why i blog, i would like to tell you why and how i started blogging. I might have said it before i started blogging at age 14 or 15. I am not going to lie i started blogging because i had access to the internet and i was jobless and also the idea of having a blog sounded cool to me, as a young girl what i enjoyed most about blogging was creating a template, designing my template with flowers and painting it pink; my best colour used to be pink at that time. Initially i blogged about several things like: the latest music, entertainment, celebrity, news, i even advertised my dad's fourth book on my blog. 

I was able to get some old pictures that i posted on my blog back then. From left to right,  i wrote a post on wizkid and tania's break up rumour, i wrote about davido's skelewu song, i was advertising my dad's book (the lightening was bad), i wrote about the album katty perry dropped, i wrote about my best friend modelling career, i wrote about the missing chibouk girls and on shopping addiction.


As i grew older, i stopped blogging because i got busy with other things like school and all until sometime last year when i stumbled on my blog and i laughed and i decided to rebrand it. I started again from the very beginning and i decided to write about fashion and lifestyle only. I choose fashion because i am quite fashionable, i have always loved dressing up and styling outfit as a child. And also when i dress up i always got compliments even when i didn't put effort to style my outfit.

I blog because  i want people to be able to embrace fashion and embrace their style. I blog because i want to provide solutions to peoples fashion and style issue. I blog ignorer to have a space on the internet that i can share with people, i have gotten a lot of information from the internet and i think it is time for me to give back to the internet. I blog because i derive a lot of joy and happiness from blogging, my blog is my happy place. I blog because i enjoy sharing my tricks and hacks, my style to my TPJ readers. I blog because it is one way i use to express myself. I blog because i have something to say.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!

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