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Hawes and Curtis (Review)

 Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! How are you doing guys? I guess you're doing okay. I wish you could see my face right now, i am so excited because it is a bank holiday (public holiday) and i am going to rest all day. So let's go straight to business, today i would be reviewing a Hawes & Curtis shirt. For those that have me on snapchat, you would have seen me wear this shirt and hear me talk about my collaboration with this prestigious brand. The review is coming a bit late because i had to try this product several times in order for me to have things for me to say about it.

Hawes and curtis has been in the clothing industry since 1913, that is a very long time and that shows how much they are into the clothing industry. They are one of the best selling shirt companies in London.

I have had this product for almost a month now, i have worn it a few times and i have washed it once. I requested for a white shirt (this is a sponsored post) because i had already rocked a colourful shirt from Hawes & Curtis HERE, you can also check out their various white shirts HERE. I was expecting a plain white shirt but to my surprise i got a pleated bib front, single cuffs and a round collar. The shirt came in a size 8 and it was made to be semi-fitted and obviously the shirt was made out of 100% cotton. The shirt came with a necktie which i decided to use as a chocker. The semi-fitted shirt fitted me perfectly and the shirt was nicely cut and they looked so perfect!

If you are looking for a quality shirt, Hawes & Curtis is your best bet. They have a lot of varieties; from cotton shirt to silk shirts, from tertiary colours to really bright colours, from plain shirts to shirts with patterns. So really you have a wide range to choose from. Now let us talk about the durability of their products, so the big question is how well do their shirts last after wearing and washing them?? Truth be told as a regular customer i can tell you that their shirts are durable because after washing the shirts still maintains their shape, the fabrics don't fade, the collar does not curl and there is little or no shrinkage.

Hope you enjoyed the all white look? Let me know how you would style your Hawes and Curtis Shirt in the comment box below.

Photos taken and edited by IG: @dolaposh

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Shirt: HERE
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Public Desire
Shades : Aldo

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