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Hello beautiful people, hope you are doing alright. Sorry i have not been consistent my laptop broke down so i automatically had to take a break but don't worry during the break i was able to come up with some ideas so i have great stuffs for my dear readers.

So today i am going to be telling you reasons why i blog. I am doing this to support a twitter campaign for bloggers. Basically it is a positivity campaign @johnrdtovol is running this summer to spread the love in the blogging world. He is asking bloggers to either share a video as to why they love blogging or to write a blogpost and i decided to write a blogpost. If you are a blogger you should definitely join the campaign and make sure you hit him up that is his handle in italics.  

I have been away for two weeks and it feels like i have been away like forever.  So before i tell you why i blog, i would like to tell you why and how i started blogging. I might have said it before i started blogging at age 14 or 15. I am not going to lie i started blogging because i had access to the internet and i was jobless and also the idea of having a blog sounded cool to me, as a young girl what i enjoyed most about blogging was creating a template, designing my template with flowers and painting it pink; my best colour used to be pink at that time. Initially i blogged about several things like: the latest music, entertainment, celebrity, news, i even advertised my dad's fourth book on my blog. 

I was able to get some old pictures that i posted on my blog back then. From left to right,  i wrote a post on wizkid and tania's break up rumour, i wrote about davido's skelewu song, i was advertising my dad's book (the lightening was bad), i wrote about the album katty perry dropped, i wrote about my best friend modelling career, i wrote about the missing chibouk girls and on shopping addiction.


As i grew older, i stopped blogging because i got busy with other things like school and all until sometime last year when i stumbled on my blog and i laughed and i decided to rebrand it. I started again from the very beginning and i decided to write about fashion and lifestyle only. I choose fashion because i am quite fashionable, i have always loved dressing up and styling outfit as a child. And also when i dress up i always got compliments even when i didn't put effort to style my outfit.

I blog because  i want people to be able to embrace fashion and embrace their style. I blog because i want to provide solutions to peoples fashion and style issue. I blog ignorer to have a space on the internet that i can share with people, i have gotten a lot of information from the internet and i think it is time for me to give back to the internet. I blog because i derive a lot of joy and happiness from blogging, my blog is my happy place. I blog because i enjoy sharing my tricks and hacks, my style to my TPJ readers. I blog because it is one way i use to express myself. I blog because i have something to say.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!

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1 comment:

  1. Waaoowww.. Nice one. I blog because its like the only way I express myself without having to yell at someone and write in a diary.
    Think I'll support the campaign. Hope its not too late though?