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Curls and Flats

Happy new month! May this month start with zest to excel for you. May you be the star this new month.  It is no news that summer is almost over :( I actually enjoyed every bit of it except for the bit were i got darker. This summer was so hot, the sun was not joking with us this time. Any ways i can't wait for winter i have missed the cool weather, before winter is autumn and that is the most beautiful season; the weather is lovely and beautiful as well. I still can't believe summer is almost over!!! August was really good a lot of memories were made in the month of August.

Today i am going to be telling you how i spent my bank holiday weekend and how i achieved the curls i rocked during the weekend. I have never really anticipated a bank holiday as much as i did this time, reason being every bank holiday always falls when i am on uni break so i never felt the impact of the bank holiday. I was excited for this one because i was not going to work on monday i.e the previous Monday meaning i had an extra day added to my weekend.

On Friday which was the beginning of the bank holiday weekend was my favourite uncle's birthday, we went out for dinner with his friends and family, it was so much fun.  After dinner we decided to tour central london by road and i was able to see the city of London in its beauty. On Saturday i went on a boat cruise it was a church event; it was so much fun, we ate, we laughed and did all sort. This time we toured London by sea. It was a beautiful sight. This previous weekend i was just on a tourist behaviour! On Sunday church service was awesome and after church there was a party in church and i was told to help so i stayed back to help decorate the hall. The main reason why i stayed was because of the free jollof lol. Then on Monday i decided to rest; i slept for a long time, went out to shop came back home to watch Vma's i missed. My weekend was lit anyways.

Hair time!!! I took out my braids on Friday, during my 'London Tour' when i got home it was midnight, i was too lazy to wash my hair so i slept thinking i was going to wash it in the morning before going for my boat cruise. I woke up late the next day, if i had woken up any later i would have missed the boat. Waking up late i could not wash my hair, so i got dressed, did my makeup and i did not know what to do to my hair until my aunty suggested a hairstyle she saw on Youtube and she already tried it and it looked good on her. It only took  me thirty minutes or even less and it does not cost anything!!

How to achieve my hairstyle

1. Section your hair into four
2. For each section apply a generous amount of the eco styling gel and work your fingers into your hair from the root to its tip.
3. Keep applying gel and keep making use of your fingers as your comb.
4. Part your hair into centre or side part.
5. You are good to go.

I hope you learnt something today. How did you spend your bank holiday weekend? What are your plans for the next public holiday?

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