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Hey dear TPJ readers. I promised to share my moments with Riri on the blog, no homo but I love that girl, love her uniqueness. Her voice is so unique and her fashion sense is a wow, she can pull off anything and still slay.  On the 25th of July Riri came to my city, and as a navy i just had to go and it was a great experience!!! The tickets started selling December last year, i made up my mind i was going but  i almost gave up because i had no one to go with and it is not advisable to go to a concert alone so i decided i was not going.  But on the Saturday morning that Riri was to perform a friend of mine called me and said she was going for the concert and i was like gbam! I have found someone to go with and i bought my ticket instantly and apparently the outfit i wore was not planned, what i wore. I wore a top i bought from a lady on Instagram (@stylebykaka) which i got that saturday, that is proof  i was meant to go. I wore it with a pair of heels but i would advise you never go to a concert wearing heels as i ended up wearing slippers all day. You can wear trainers or flats or sandals or even slippers. I got a gold circle tickets which meant our gate opened way earlier than everyone else and we get to stay in front but i didn't make it to the front front because i had to be on fleek for Riri and i got there like an hour late. But i got a very good view of her, she was awesome, i was so happy that day. I hope to see her again. And by the way she is way finer than what we see on tv!

Apart from the great music, losing my voice and seeing riri perform I experienced something else that day; not every one you call friends are actually friends some of them are just acquaintances to be honest, we should be able to distinguish them. I am saying this because i bought my ticket from one of my 'friends' and she decided to inflate the price of ticket she thought i was dumb but i figured instantly but i didn't say shit because i did not want to ruin my moment with Riri, money is not a problem and the extra money i paid was worth it though. The picture above is the face I make when you cheat me and you think i don't know you cheated me but i know and it is calm. lol.

Let us go back to the concert, Big Sean and The Weeknd were to perform along side Riri, unfortunately The Weeknd could not make it. I wished it was Big Sean that could not make it because i am not a big fan. His performance was lit though and i loved his outfit, he actually slayed in an all pink outfit. I met his performance half way and it was a good way to warm up for Riri. Trust Riri to be late; as the queen of the slay nation she came in 30 minutes late it was calm because she came with fire. She performed for like three hours, while she was performing 'work' i expected drake to pop up but he didn't, if he had my day would have been totally made. That reminds me, what do you think of Rihanna and Drake's relationship? I think they are so cute together and they should get married asap and produce cute babies.

I don't think i would ever forget that day it was so lit and that was the most fun thing i did during summer'16.

Have you ever been cheated on? What was your reaction? Share your reaction in the comment box below. Cheers.

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  1. I saw her too! Last weekend, she literally slayed my life and I wrote a little bit about it on my blog also 😭.

    1. oh, that is cool! ikr!! I would check out your blog.

  2. So sorry b about getting cheated. It can be very annoying especially when its from a "friend" and I like the face you make (lol).. Anyways I am a huge fan of Big Sean and I think I would have been glad that The Weeknd didn't show. Its good to know you had fun though.
    And hey don't let what people do get to you. Move on and keep slaying..