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Two Ways

Hey beautiful people, how are you doing? I guess you are alright. Yay! It is Friyay!! Thank God it is Friday people. We know this calls for a TGIF series, so for today's series, I would be showing you two ways to style an off shoulder crop top, I was actually going to do three but I forgot to take my skirt along with me for my shoot.

Style 1:

This is a very straight forward and easy style, high-waisted pant always go with crop tops. This outfit can be worn almost everywhere and occasion. This outfit can be worn to school, worn to work on a Friday, a day out with your girls and so on. This was what I wore for Rihanna's concert, I would tell you all about the concert in my next post. I copped this lovely ankara top from a fashion designer I met on Instagram (@stylebykaka) you should hit her up if you are feeling the top. I wore this outfit
with these black heels just to add some class to the look and I think it did uplift the look.

 Style 2:

This style is about me trying something new; discovering my personal style. Now that I finally got a perfect culottes, I have worn it a million and one times already. Out of curiosity I decided to style it with this top and it came out beautiful, I loved it and I decided to share the look with you. You might be wondering why I paired it with sneakers! I wanted something different, something other than everyday heels so I thought of  wearing it with my converse, they go with everything and indeed the combo was nice I loved the swag it brought out. Let me use the opportunity to talk about dirty converse trend. Now that school is back, winter is on it's way everyone would bring out their converse(s) from their wardrobe. Is it just me or dirty converse are a trend?? By observation nine out of ten white converse(s) worn are dirty and it is not because of we are lazy to clean them but because it is fashion! And I am so in love with the dirty converse trend!

You can also style this top with a nice high-waisted pencil skirt. Which style do you prefer? What do you think of the dirty converse trend? Let me know in the comment box below.

Cop my style 1
Top: @stylebykaka
Pants: Atmosphere
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Atmosphere

Cop my style 2
Top: @stylebykaka
Pants: Marks and spencer
Shoes: Converse
Choker: Aldo
Earrings: Newlook
Bangle: Opia

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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  1. They both look really good. But i think i prefer Number 1 more as it is my personal style and looks very chic. Great job b

  2. I enjoy following your page and keep looking forward for the great content
    much love from UK

  3. Love this post Phebe :) those outfits are slaying girl!