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The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello my dear TPJays, how are you doing and how is your week going? Mine is going alright but slow. Todays post would be my shortest post ever because it is all about me accepting an award. Another one *in Dj Khaled's voice* So last week or two weeks ago i got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award thanks to Debbrah. To accept this award i have to do the following;

1. Thank the person who nominated me. (Done)

2. Show the award on my blog (Done)

3. Share 7 random facts about myself.
  • My favourite colour is purple. If you are frequent on the blog you would know this.
  • I am the first child of my parents.
  • My best moment is when i am on my own, listening to music and creating a blogpost.
  • I enjoy cooking.
  • The one house chores i hate is ironing, i can do any other chore.
  • I am wizkid's biggest fan, i have been repping him since day one. I love him so much; love his personality, love his music and i love his fashion sense of course.
  • I am actually a shy person but my friends think i am bold. On the second though i think i have gotten bolder as i grew older.
I never knew getting seven random fact about me would be this difficult, anyways i tried to make them as random as possible. I can't believe i got two award nominations this month, thanks to the people that nominated me it such a honour. And i nominate the same people i nominated here for this award. 

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!
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Back 2 School

Hello dear TPJays (the new way i am going to be addressing my TPJ readers), how are you guys doing? I hope you are all good. Now that school is in session i decided to give you a back to school inspo i hope you like it. Now that i am going back to school three weeks after resumption, i am trying to put my self in the uni mood and it is a lot of hard work, in order for me to feel uni i have been dressing as if i was going to uni this past weeks and here is one laid-back uni look.

Like i said previously my style is an expressive one and i have been feeling so casual lately hence the casual, simple, edgy look. Luckily for us this year summer lasted till September, and even in October it is not as cold as it usually is, that is why i was able to wear this outfit without a jacket. Right now you can wear this outfit but with a black leather jacket as it is getting cold. And when it gets colder you can still rock this look with a turtle neck top, a hi-top converse and a jacket/coat; remember to layer properly though by wearing a thermal wear inside.  What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comment box bellow. 

Okay, so i was not sure if i wanted to share this story with you guys because it is a sad one but after so much thinking i decided to. Today, i am going to be telling you guys the reason why i am back in Uni. A lot of people would be wondering why i am back in uni because i already told every one i was doing placement (taking a year out to work). I already started my placement and things were going on well until some complications decided to step in. The complications had to do with the number of hours i am allowed to work during term time, my university was not able to settle the issue on time so i had to stop work and go back to uni :( i am so sad because i really wanted the experience, just imagine having a one year experience as a site engineer on my cv!! Yes i am a civil engineer in the making. That would have been perfect on my cv but now i only have three months experience which is still not bad though. Also i wanted the credits as well, if i had done a complete placement it would have boosted my grades, oh well it seems i have to work extremely hard this final year to push my grades where i want them to be. I already made new friends they taught me a lot, they impacted my life in the three months i worked with them. I have a new and better mindset because of them. Now i have to leave them, i can imagine what i would have learnt from them in a year. I was going to be so consistent on the blog during my supposed one year out of uni, but now i am going back i would have to go on and off as we all know, final year is really important and i have to dedicate more time. I need to get that degree. Lastly i was going to get paid. I already planned how i was going to spend the money i would have made in a year, all that money gone *crying* i am really heartbroken. I miss my place of work so much, i miss working, i miss being a civil engineer, i miss being independent. All this just makes me want to finish uni and start working, i can't wait to be in the working class again. On the bright side i would graduate from uni next summer, so i guess i just have to give it my all and finish once and for all.

I don't want to push the whole blame to my employers or to my university, if there is one thing i have learnt this previous month, it  is i have learnt to accept my fault so i also have a big part of the blame in this situation, probably if i had done some thing right i would still be a 'working class lady'. Like my mum and my best friends told me all thing works out for good, so i just want to believe God had a reason for putting me there and removing me three months after.

Yeah i know i said i was going to be on and off but i might actually take a break from blogging but don't be scared i have something big for you guys next month so anticipate!! And i have a lot of drafted post that would probably last till the end of the year, i got you till December.

Photos taken and edited by IG: @dolaposh

Cop My Style

Top and Cami: Boohoo
Bag: Finsbury Market
Trainers: Nike Huarache

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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Blogger Recognition Award

Hello dear TPJ readers, how are you all doing? I know y'll are good and i hope you had a lit weekend even though mine was dead. I think calling you guys 'TPJ readers' is quite boring so i have come up with a new name to call you guys and i will be revealing the new name in my next post so anticipate guys. I am writing this post because last week Thursday, i was nominated for the blogger recognition by fola and in order for me to accept the award i have to do this post so stay posted.

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

Thanks to Fola for nominating me.

Give a brief story about how you started blogging 

I started blogging at a young age, to be very honest i started blogging because i had access to the internet and i was jobless and the idea of having a blog sounded cool to me. Find out more about how i started blogging here

Give two pieces advice for new bloggers.

1. Do you!!
2. Have a genuine reason for why you want to start blogging and set out goals for your blog.

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers

The following are the Instagram handles to the bloggers i am nominating.

8. Dupseyy
15. ihurvedavies
Do you have any favourite blogger? Let me know your fav blogger in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

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My Top Beauty Products

Hello beautiful people, how is your week going? I hope it is going alright because mine is. Today i am going to be talking about my top beauty products. I was initially going to talk about my top 5 beauty products but i realised that i love one more product, so now i'll be talking about my six favourite beauty products. These products are not arranged in any particular order so lets get started.

1. Foundation - Lancôme

I finally found a foundation which has a shade that's my perfect shade and is awesome on my skin. for myself. Before i found this foundation, i used to think i was team light skin and i think it is because i am the lightest person in my house. Having that mentality had me buying the wrong shades, a friend of mine who is a makeup artiste made it clear that the shades i used could be used as my highlighter. Since that day i changed my mentality and my foundation shade (one benefit of having a makeup artiste as a friend). While i was using the wrong shades i did not look so white and ashy because the difference in the shade i used and my actual shade was not that much. One fateful day i decided to go to the store rather than buy my foundation online just so that i can try it on my face before buying it. When i was picking a foundation there was one thing that attracted me to Lancôme foundation and that one thing is the nice smell. It smells so beautiful. It has a build-able coverage, its coverage can go from light to medium. No matter the amount of layers the foundation is still going to look natural on you that is one reason i love it. It really last long on my face before it starts creasing and all. If you are looking for a foundation, i will definitely recommend Lancôme!!

2. Mascara - Too Faced (Better Than Sex)

This is one of the best mascara out there and it is the best i have used so far. I love this product so much because it adds volume, thickness and length to my lashes. Just one or two coats and you are good to go. The only thing i don't like about this product is that when it is time to remove it, it smudges so bad but i think they have been able to solve the problem by manufacturing the waterproof ones. I can't wait to lay my hands on the waterproof ones hopefully they are way better than this ones. Anyways this is one product i can not do without even when i don't have makeup on i always try to apply mascara at least.

3. Highlight - MAC (Gold Deposit)

Is your make up really complete without a highlight?? Mine is not without my gold deposit! I love to glow, i think glowing is my favourite part of doing my make up. I love it when i glow from a distance. One thing i love about this product is, it  is so pigmented it can also be used as an eyeshadow and it also gives your look a perfect finishing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for the perfect highlighter. Go cop yours and join the glow baby glow party.

4. Lipstick - Lancôme (Rouge in love)

This red lipstick is so amazing. If you are a gloss lover then you should try this lipstick because it gives a glossy feel and does not become matte . As always Lancôme products always have a nice smell, this one smells like candy. When you have this lipstick on you won't feel it because of its light texture and it is so comfortable on the lips that is why i love it.

5.  Contour Kit - Sleek

This palette is good because the pigmentation. It is so easy to blend into the skin. I use the darkest shade of the contour kit because my face is so round and chubby, using the darkest shade makes my contour sharp and gives my face some structure which eventually makes my face slimmer than what it actually is. I use the highlight sometimes and sometimes i mix with with my gold deposit, it just depends on my mood.

6. Primer - MaryKay

They say leave the best for the last, even though i did not arrange all this products according to my favourite this just has to be my fav. This primer leaves a matte finish when applied to the face, which makes room for lasting foundation application. This primer contains SPF 15 which helps to reduce the effect of sun to your skin. During summer this is the most suitable primer and if you stay in a tropical country this should be your go to primer, trust me it work wonders and you are going to love it when you try it. One reason why i love this product is that it was manufactured in order to absorb oil (suitable for people with oily skin) and diffuse light in order to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Just incase you are interested in copping your MaryKay primer and any other MaryKay product you can order them here.

What are your top beauty products? I would love to hear from you in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.
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My Style

I am sure you have noticed how i have been posting consistently lately, it is all due to my properly planned schedule and i hope it continues this way. I am so glad i am posting this finally because it has been laying in my draft for a very long time. As the title already says, today i would be talking about my style and i will also be sharing tips here and there on how you can figure your style if you have not.

My style is personal and an expressive one at that. I dress according to my mood and how i feel at the moment, that is why when i am in a bad mood i rather stay indoors because i can actually wear my pjs out at that time lol. Talking about my style being expressive, one day i could be cooperate and the next time i am classy, edgy or even street. Discovering my personal style was quite easy because i figured i loved trying different style types and in the process of trying different types of style i felt comfortable in most of them. That is why i can wear any thing and look good in it, learning that from Rihanna though she is my major style inspiration. Just in case you have not found your personal style, you will have to go out of your comfort zone and try different styles, you are going to need to experiment!

Knowing and understanding my body helped me to be able to pick my style for example i love slim fitted clothes because i am more on the skinny side and i feel wearing fitted outfit gives my body some definition. I would say that slim fits are my preference in terms of the type of clothes but of recent i have decided to try out loose clothing and oversized clothing (I am always trying new things).

Whatever your style is, be proud to show it off. Embrace your style, you need to be confident in whatever your style is. Whatever your style is i don't think you should let other people talk you out of it because truly your style defines you and if you let others tell you how to dress then however people see you dress is not you. I wear whatever makes me feel like the best version of me and express the way i feel at any given time.

My style is my own and i want your style to be yours, i wear it because i mean it!

So in summary you can discover your style by doing the following:

1. Experimenting
2. Having an inspiration.
3. Knowing  yourself.
4. Being Confident.
5. Being authentic.

Have you already discovered your style? If yes, feel free to let me know your style in the comment box. If no, was this post helpful? Let me know in the comment box as well.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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My Homeland

Hello lovelies. Happy new month! I hope you are good? Today's post is different in some ways. One, it is a guest post and secondly it does not have anything to do with fashion, i hope you enjoy it. For those that don't know my nationality, i am proudly Nigerian and today is Nigeria's Independence, so i decided to  make this post about my beautiful country. I was not really sure of what i wanted to say about my dear country so i decided to let one of my blogger friends to take over, she is Deborah; a lifestyle blogger and a very good writer at that, ensure to check debbrah's blog and you will thank me later. Everything in italics was written by debbrah.

Back then, everywhere used to be safe
Back then, my mum would let me go to my neighbours place and stay till night
Back then, everything I wanted and needed was provided without thinking
Back then, we never lacked anything in my home
Back then, we travel every summer overseas to see my cousins
Back then, my mum told me a plane ticket was 28 Naira
back then, a mini fridge was 50 Naira 

Now, everything has changed
Now, nowhere is safe curfew is 6:00pm 
Now, mum won't let me go to my neighbours house and have peace of mind
Now, everything I want is not provided, priority is taking place with needs
Now, things aren't as bountiful as before
Now, we hardly travel every summer, we  are saving
Now, a plane ticket is equal to school fees

In my homeland, the peace and harmony has turned to chaos
In my homeland, nobody can trust anybody not even your siblings
In my homeland, the rate of suffering is increasing rapidly
In my homeland, people are not safe anymore in places they used to call home
in my homeland, you can wake up one morning and discover that all you have worked for is gone

This is not the homeland I have always imagined for my children
This is not the place I remember used to be my home
This is not the place where children used to tell moonlight tales and dance in the village square
This is not the place where the village girls used to display beautiful cultural dances 

I miss what my homeland used to be
I miss the place I used to call my country
I wish that things will get better and not worse day by day
I miss Nigeria!!!!

Happy Independence Nigeria!!!!



Don't forget to visit Deborah's blog and show her some love, let her know The Purple Journal sent you. Thanks for stopping by today.

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