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Hello dear TPJays (the new way i am going to be addressing my TPJ readers), how are you guys doing? I hope you are all good. Now that school is in session i decided to give you a back to school inspo i hope you like it. Now that i am going back to school three weeks after resumption, i am trying to put my self in the uni mood and it is a lot of hard work, in order for me to feel uni i have been dressing as if i was going to uni this past weeks and here is one laid-back uni look.

Like i said previously my style is an expressive one and i have been feeling so casual lately hence the casual, simple, edgy look. Luckily for us this year summer lasted till September, and even in October it is not as cold as it usually is, that is why i was able to wear this outfit without a jacket. Right now you can wear this outfit but with a black leather jacket as it is getting cold. And when it gets colder you can still rock this look with a turtle neck top, a hi-top converse and a jacket/coat; remember to layer properly though by wearing a thermal wear inside.  What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comment box bellow. 

Okay, so i was not sure if i wanted to share this story with you guys because it is a sad one but after so much thinking i decided to. Today, i am going to be telling you guys the reason why i am back in Uni. A lot of people would be wondering why i am back in uni because i already told every one i was doing placement (taking a year out to work). I already started my placement and things were going on well until some complications decided to step in. The complications had to do with the number of hours i am allowed to work during term time, my university was not able to settle the issue on time so i had to stop work and go back to uni :( i am so sad because i really wanted the experience, just imagine having a one year experience as a site engineer on my cv!! Yes i am a civil engineer in the making. That would have been perfect on my cv but now i only have three months experience which is still not bad though. Also i wanted the credits as well, if i had done a complete placement it would have boosted my grades, oh well it seems i have to work extremely hard this final year to push my grades where i want them to be. I already made new friends they taught me a lot, they impacted my life in the three months i worked with them. I have a new and better mindset because of them. Now i have to leave them, i can imagine what i would have learnt from them in a year. I was going to be so consistent on the blog during my supposed one year out of uni, but now i am going back i would have to go on and off as we all know, final year is really important and i have to dedicate more time. I need to get that degree. Lastly i was going to get paid. I already planned how i was going to spend the money i would have made in a year, all that money gone *crying* i am really heartbroken. I miss my place of work so much, i miss working, i miss being a civil engineer, i miss being independent. All this just makes me want to finish uni and start working, i can't wait to be in the working class again. On the bright side i would graduate from uni next summer, so i guess i just have to give it my all and finish once and for all.

I don't want to push the whole blame to my employers or to my university, if there is one thing i have learnt this previous month, it  is i have learnt to accept my fault so i also have a big part of the blame in this situation, probably if i had done some thing right i would still be a 'working class lady'. Like my mum and my best friends told me all thing works out for good, so i just want to believe God had a reason for putting me there and removing me three months after.

Yeah i know i said i was going to be on and off but i might actually take a break from blogging but don't be scared i have something big for you guys next month so anticipate!! And i have a lot of drafted post that would probably last till the end of the year, i got you till December.

Photos taken and edited by IG: @dolaposh

Cop My Style

Top and Cami: Boohoo
Bag: Finsbury Market
Trainers: Nike Huarache

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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  1. I know that feeling b.. Like your mum said "All things really work together for our good". So enjoy your final year and get out.... I most say that Being in your final year comes with stress and tension (I am entering next month) with the whole project, defense thing.. I really can't wait to be done with school and start working...

    1. Thank you very much... and i can't wait for us to be done with uni and all its stress.

  2. Just like your mom and friends say, everything happens for a reason and it will all work out in the end. Wishing you a great final year and can't wait for your exciting news.