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My Homeland

Hello lovelies. Happy new month! I hope you are good? Today's post is different in some ways. One, it is a guest post and secondly it does not have anything to do with fashion, i hope you enjoy it. For those that don't know my nationality, i am proudly Nigerian and today is Nigeria's Independence, so i decided to  make this post about my beautiful country. I was not really sure of what i wanted to say about my dear country so i decided to let one of my blogger friends to take over, she is Deborah; a lifestyle blogger and a very good writer at that, ensure to check debbrah's blog and you will thank me later. Everything in italics was written by debbrah.

Back then, everywhere used to be safe
Back then, my mum would let me go to my neighbours place and stay till night
Back then, everything I wanted and needed was provided without thinking
Back then, we never lacked anything in my home
Back then, we travel every summer overseas to see my cousins
Back then, my mum told me a plane ticket was 28 Naira
back then, a mini fridge was 50 Naira 

Now, everything has changed
Now, nowhere is safe curfew is 6:00pm 
Now, mum won't let me go to my neighbours house and have peace of mind
Now, everything I want is not provided, priority is taking place with needs
Now, things aren't as bountiful as before
Now, we hardly travel every summer, we  are saving
Now, a plane ticket is equal to school fees

In my homeland, the peace and harmony has turned to chaos
In my homeland, nobody can trust anybody not even your siblings
In my homeland, the rate of suffering is increasing rapidly
In my homeland, people are not safe anymore in places they used to call home
in my homeland, you can wake up one morning and discover that all you have worked for is gone

This is not the homeland I have always imagined for my children
This is not the place I remember used to be my home
This is not the place where children used to tell moonlight tales and dance in the village square
This is not the place where the village girls used to display beautiful cultural dances 

I miss what my homeland used to be
I miss the place I used to call my country
I wish that things will get better and not worse day by day
I miss Nigeria!!!!

Happy Independence Nigeria!!!!



Don't forget to visit Deborah's blog and show her some love, let her know The Purple Journal sent you. Thanks for stopping by today.

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