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I am sure you have noticed how i have been posting consistently lately, it is all due to my properly planned schedule and i hope it continues this way. I am so glad i am posting this finally because it has been laying in my draft for a very long time. As the title already says, today i would be talking about my style and i will also be sharing tips here and there on how you can figure your style if you have not.

My style is personal and an expressive one at that. I dress according to my mood and how i feel at the moment, that is why when i am in a bad mood i rather stay indoors because i can actually wear my pjs out at that time lol. Talking about my style being expressive, one day i could be cooperate and the next time i am classy, edgy or even street. Discovering my personal style was quite easy because i figured i loved trying different style types and in the process of trying different types of style i felt comfortable in most of them. That is why i can wear any thing and look good in it, learning that from Rihanna though she is my major style inspiration. Just in case you have not found your personal style, you will have to go out of your comfort zone and try different styles, you are going to need to experiment!

Knowing and understanding my body helped me to be able to pick my style for example i love slim fitted clothes because i am more on the skinny side and i feel wearing fitted outfit gives my body some definition. I would say that slim fits are my preference in terms of the type of clothes but of recent i have decided to try out loose clothing and oversized clothing (I am always trying new things).

Whatever your style is, be proud to show it off. Embrace your style, you need to be confident in whatever your style is. Whatever your style is i don't think you should let other people talk you out of it because truly your style defines you and if you let others tell you how to dress then however people see you dress is not you. I wear whatever makes me feel like the best version of me and express the way i feel at any given time.

My style is my own and i want your style to be yours, i wear it because i mean it!

So in summary you can discover your style by doing the following:

1. Experimenting
2. Having an inspiration.
3. Knowing  yourself.
4. Being Confident.
5. Being authentic.

Have you already discovered your style? If yes, feel free to let me know your style in the comment box. If no, was this post helpful? Let me know in the comment box as well.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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