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My Top Beauty Products

Hello beautiful people, how is your week going? I hope it is going alright because mine is. Today i am going to be talking about my top beauty products. I was initially going to talk about my top 5 beauty products but i realised that i love one more product, so now i'll be talking about my six favourite beauty products. These products are not arranged in any particular order so lets get started.

1. Foundation - Lancôme

I finally found a foundation which has a shade that's my perfect shade and is awesome on my skin. for myself. Before i found this foundation, i used to think i was team light skin and i think it is because i am the lightest person in my house. Having that mentality had me buying the wrong shades, a friend of mine who is a makeup artiste made it clear that the shades i used could be used as my highlighter. Since that day i changed my mentality and my foundation shade (one benefit of having a makeup artiste as a friend). While i was using the wrong shades i did not look so white and ashy because the difference in the shade i used and my actual shade was not that much. One fateful day i decided to go to the store rather than buy my foundation online just so that i can try it on my face before buying it. When i was picking a foundation there was one thing that attracted me to Lancôme foundation and that one thing is the nice smell. It smells so beautiful. It has a build-able coverage, its coverage can go from light to medium. No matter the amount of layers the foundation is still going to look natural on you that is one reason i love it. It really last long on my face before it starts creasing and all. If you are looking for a foundation, i will definitely recommend Lancôme!!

2. Mascara - Too Faced (Better Than Sex)

This is one of the best mascara out there and it is the best i have used so far. I love this product so much because it adds volume, thickness and length to my lashes. Just one or two coats and you are good to go. The only thing i don't like about this product is that when it is time to remove it, it smudges so bad but i think they have been able to solve the problem by manufacturing the waterproof ones. I can't wait to lay my hands on the waterproof ones hopefully they are way better than this ones. Anyways this is one product i can not do without even when i don't have makeup on i always try to apply mascara at least.

3. Highlight - MAC (Gold Deposit)

Is your make up really complete without a highlight?? Mine is not without my gold deposit! I love to glow, i think glowing is my favourite part of doing my make up. I love it when i glow from a distance. One thing i love about this product is, it  is so pigmented it can also be used as an eyeshadow and it also gives your look a perfect finishing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for the perfect highlighter. Go cop yours and join the glow baby glow party.

4. Lipstick - Lancôme (Rouge in love)

This red lipstick is so amazing. If you are a gloss lover then you should try this lipstick because it gives a glossy feel and does not become matte . As always Lancôme products always have a nice smell, this one smells like candy. When you have this lipstick on you won't feel it because of its light texture and it is so comfortable on the lips that is why i love it.

5.  Contour Kit - Sleek

This palette is good because the pigmentation. It is so easy to blend into the skin. I use the darkest shade of the contour kit because my face is so round and chubby, using the darkest shade makes my contour sharp and gives my face some structure which eventually makes my face slimmer than what it actually is. I use the highlight sometimes and sometimes i mix with with my gold deposit, it just depends on my mood.

6. Primer - MaryKay

They say leave the best for the last, even though i did not arrange all this products according to my favourite this just has to be my fav. This primer leaves a matte finish when applied to the face, which makes room for lasting foundation application. This primer contains SPF 15 which helps to reduce the effect of sun to your skin. During summer this is the most suitable primer and if you stay in a tropical country this should be your go to primer, trust me it work wonders and you are going to love it when you try it. One reason why i love this product is that it was manufactured in order to absorb oil (suitable for people with oily skin) and diffuse light in order to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Just incase you are interested in copping your MaryKay primer and any other MaryKay product you can order them here.

What are your top beauty products? I would love to hear from you in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.
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  1. Someone with oily skin here, now I'm interested in that primer might just get one and sleek contour kit is great, I can testify

    1. I promise you you would not regret buying the primer and yass the contour kit is lovely.