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The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello my dear TPJays, how are you doing and how is your week going? Mine is going alright but slow. Todays post would be my shortest post ever because it is all about me accepting an award. Another one *in Dj Khaled's voice* So last week or two weeks ago i got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award thanks to Debbrah. To accept this award i have to do the following;

1. Thank the person who nominated me. (Done)

2. Show the award on my blog (Done)

3. Share 7 random facts about myself.
  • My favourite colour is purple. If you are frequent on the blog you would know this.
  • I am the first child of my parents.
  • My best moment is when i am on my own, listening to music and creating a blogpost.
  • I enjoy cooking.
  • The one house chores i hate is ironing, i can do any other chore.
  • I am wizkid's biggest fan, i have been repping him since day one. I love him so much; love his personality, love his music and i love his fashion sense of course.
  • I am actually a shy person but my friends think i am bold. On the second though i think i have gotten bolder as i grew older.
I never knew getting seven random fact about me would be this difficult, anyways i tried to make them as random as possible. I can't believe i got two award nominations this month, thanks to the people that nominated me it such a honour. And i nominate the same people i nominated here for this award. 

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!
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