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23/11: Velvet Vibe

It's my birthday i am going to spend my money *cries in exchange rate*. That was me yesterday but exchange rate won't let someone turn up in peace. I am really thankful to God for adding another year to my life for some reason i was not excited initially but i realised that for me to be alive is all God so i became hyped about it and i decided to celebrate it with my friends. Where are my manners? I hope your week is going as great as mine? I was actually going to tell you all about my day but i feel i am going to bore you (just in case you care to know how it went down add me on sc: ms_tomiii) but in summary it was lit!

I was feeling the whole velvet trend so i decided to vibe in a velvet dress i got from boohoo, i was not really feeling the shoes i wore for this shoot so i cropped it out bear with me. I plan on celebrating my birthday till the weekend but i have a deadline next week so that all the chilling  i get this week *cries in glitters*. And it is my brothers birthday tomorrow, i love you loads Iah!!

Cheers for stopping by!!!
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