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Kylie Lip Kit Review

Hello TPJays! I hope this month has been good, it has been lit for me. Can you remember i promised you something big? That thing is finally here and it is a giveaway, it is big to me because it is my first giveaway and i am so excited. But before we go into the giveaway i would be reviewing my Kylie lippies.

Finally, I laid my hands on some Kylie Lip kit. I tried to get them at the launch but they literally sold out in seconds, i tried during every re-stock but i never got them. During one of the restocks in May i was able to purchase one of her metal lipstick (i only got one because i was broke at that time), you won't believe i have not laid my hands on the one i got in May. When i purchased my first Kylie lippie i was trying to save so i did not order it to the UK (international shipping was double the lippie), instead i ordered it to US cause my parents were there at the moment and they planned on coming to UK after so i thought they would be able to bring it to me but unfortunately it arrived the night they left for UK. So my aunty in US sent it to Nigeria, long story short my lippie is still in Nigeria. Anyways sometime during the last summer i was able to purchase a few Kylie lippies for myself and a lucky TPJay.

When they finally came i was thrilled, i finally had them. My box consisted of two Leo, two True brown k (my new go to lippie), two Reign, two Poise k, one Mary Jo k. So here are the colours

 True Brown K (Liquid lipstick)


 This my favourite one, i have always wanted a brown lippie, now that i have one i wear it 24/7.

Reign (Metal)

Leo (Liquid lipstick)

This is a purplish shade, i just had to cop it for the love of purple and it is my perfect fall essential.

Now let us talk about the product, I don't think Kylie's products are overrated. They are worth the hype, the formula is so perfect; the liquid lipstick is not as drying as other liquid lipsticks out there. They are comfortable to wear you would not even feel like you have something on your lips. They are long lasting as well. The lipsticks are very pigmented all you need is one coat and you are good to go. It dries down matte almost immediately, the lippie is there to stay once it get matte. The first time i tried my true brown k, i had it on for 9 hours, i ate poundo and ogbonno with it and it still stayed intact (not exactly intact a little rubbed off). It smells so nice like vanilla cake, you just want to lick it off your lips but the smells goes once it is matte. I have one problem with Kylie cosmetics, not the product though, their service; the only thing i encountered that i did not like was the fact that i had to pay custom charge and i was not told about it before purchasing, i think it should be somewhere on their website just as it is on colorpop's website. Aside from that everything is beautiful.

Give away time!!!

I am so excited for this giveaway, i am doing this giveaway because it is my birth month and i want to show you guys some love because you all have been showing me love all the way. If you follow all the rules stated below you have a chance on winning.

1. You must be subscribed to my blog.
2. Follow my two accounts on IG, @thepurplejournal_ and @mz_tomii
3.Tag two people in the comment section
4. Repost this picture below with the hashtag #thepurplejournalgiveaway

Giveaway is international and one winner would be picked randomly and contacted on the 5th of December 2016.

Let the best man win!!!


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  1. I've been wanting these Kylie lip kits since they came but I just don't have the money to splurge on them 😔