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Hello dearies, how have you been? Hope your week has been good? Thank God it is finally Friday because this week has been long and a bit stressful. So during the course of the week i had the opportunity to see DJ Cuppy, for those of you who don't know her she is a Dj.

On instagram, she posted a picture saying "the first five cupcakes (girls) in London to dm her would have the chance to hangout with her. At that time i was not a cupcake but now i can say that  i am. Anyway i dm'ed her just because i wanted to have something interesting to put on my blog and yeah i was chosen. On Wednesday after uni i travelled all the way to London to see her. I was quite late because i was not sure if i wanted to take an uber to the venue or a bus anyways i ended up taking an uber. I got there and i met three other cupcakes, cuppy and two of her colleagues/friends. It was just a girlie hangout, there was food, music and goodies. And of course we took a lot of selfies and pictures. In the midst of chilling she told us how her djing career started and how her passion has made her what she is now. One of the things she said that stuck to my head was 'do what you want to do and be the best at it' that statement encouraged me and made me realise that i can actually be the best in every thing i set out to do. Not like i have not heard that statement but she just re-inspired me. It was really nice to met her and i was glad i did go.

Least i forget today is her birthday, Happy Birthday Cuppy!! Thanks for stopping by TPJays.

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  1. I can't wait to start meeting celebs. Happy Birthday to her!

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  3. This is Seyifunmi, Great Post!!!!