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Hello Loves, how you guys doing? Who is excited for the new year? I am! How are you all spending your last day in 2016 because I am spending mine in the library and church later in the day.  I don't know about you guys but I think praising God and thanking him is the best way to round up 2016.

If you guys follow twitter carefully you would notice that most people had a bad 2016 so to say. If you are one of them please share your 2016 experience and if you had a good one please share as well.

 As for me, I think 2016 has been my best year so far even though it had a lot of ups and downs but I have learnt that you have to pass through the fire to be a gem. 2016 has been a year of realisation truly, I have learnt a lot, I have grown so much, I have grown as a blogger and personally (guys I am officially a UK size 8 lol), not just that type of growth, I have grown spiritual and mentally too. All I can pray for is 2017 would be better for everyone.

This year has been a great blogging year for me, I have achieved a lot with my blog and I am thankful for the opportunities my blog opened for me. This year i can proudly say i ticked all my goals for my blog and I would not have done it on my own without your support so thank you very much. I really appreciate. I am so tempted to share my goals for 2017 and show you guys what i have in stock but i would keep it to myself and keep you guys in suspense but make sure you watch this space!!

What!!!! 2016 was too littttttttt!!!!! I had so much fun this year, the fun continues in 2017.

Guys so as the year is coming to an end i would like to get feedback from you. Please tell me what you enjoyed and what needs improvement so that i can give you the best in 2017.

Thanks for stopping by. See you in the New Year! Cheers!!!!

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The Christmas Tag

As it is a day to Christmas and none of my photographers want to come through for me, I have decided to do a Christmas Tag (i was supposed to do a post on what I wore on Christmas day). I got this inspiration from The Blogger Point.

So let's dive in!!

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
Christmas is my best holiday to start with and I miss spending it with my family. During Christmas holiday all we watch in the house is Christmas movie and one of my favorites is  Denis the Menace. This movie is a comedy and if you have not watched it, you should watch it this holiday period and crack yourself up.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Well, it is normal in my house to open our gift on boxing day after all that is what the day is for. But now that I am away from home I open my present on Christmas morning.

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?
I don't think I have any favorite Christmas memory I just missed and love cooking on Christmas eve till late at night. And I loved it when all my cousins, my grandparents, family friends come around to have some Jollof and just chill.

4. Favourite Festive Food?
The regular! Jollof and fried rice. I remember when I was younger I enjoyed chicken legs, that was all I used to ask for. Thinking of it I am here like maybe that is why I am on the skinny side because everyone in the house would be rushing for chicken lap and breast and I was just after the leg.

5. Favourite Christmas Gift?
My favorite Christmas gift has to be the Next gift card one of my uncles gave me two Christmases ago. I can't remember how much was in it but it satisfied my shopping needs at the time.

6.  Favorite Christmas Scent?
Eeeerrmm this is quite difficult as I do not associate any scent to Christmas. Except for the aroma of the Christmas food, so yeah that is my favorite Christmas scent.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve Traditions?
I have talked about this previously oops! Anyways like I said earlier our Christmas Eve Tradition is just cooking all day long.

8. What tops your Christmas Tree?
Nothing! Don't get it wrong we do decorate our tree but we don't put anything on top of the tree. Probably when next I decorate the tree I would put a star at the top of the tree.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I don't think I had any.

10. What is the best part about Christmas for you?
I would say the part where family and friend gather to have some good time. When I was younger it was probably when my mum takes me to the salon to do 'Christmas hair' or when she buys me 'Christmas clothes'. Is it just I or I only got shades during Christmas period.

Hope you enjoyed this tag? If you are a blogger feel free to do the tag too and if you are not a blogger answer the questions in the comment section.

Do have a MERRY Christmas!! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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All i want for Christmas

Hey TPJays in the spirit of Christmas i would love to share my whist list just in case you guys love me so much and decide to get me one or two things. I am glad i was able to get most of the things on my Christmas wish list last year.  There are so many things on my wishlist and i would just narrow it to 5.

1. Phone: I really need a new phone, my current phone recently cracked and that is enough reason for me to change it right? I want the iPhone 7 in black and i really wish someone could bring this wish to live.

2. Camera: I want the canon EOS 750D DSLR, as a blogger this is needed as it would reduce the cost i spend on photography and it would increase the amount of fashion post i would be able to put on the blog. It is so sad that every time i try to save for this camera i spend the money before the money is even complete.

3. Sneakers: I have always wanted the Rihanna Puma Creepers for the longest time now. Anytime i go try to cop them they are always sold out so i gave up until she recently launched the  velvet ones and i am definitely feeling the velvet vibe. 

4.  Kylie's holiday Collection: OK, right now i don't understand my obsession with Kylie's products but i really want this and i don't see my self using my money to buy it. It would really be nice to add this to my make up collection as it consists of; 10 liquid lipsticks, 3 creme shadows a kyshadow palette and one eyeliner. In general i want more make up anyway.

5. Clothes: I really want to change my wardrobe. Right now i feel my wardrobe does not describe me. Some time next year i would be giving most of my clothes to charity and i am selling some on depop (oleghep) tell me you are from my blog and i would give you a discount. The need to declutter and build my style has arose. I am really feeling some Nigerian brands like shopemaju, wangerayu and some other ones. Another brand that i love and i would like you guys to check out is SheIn. They have beautiful products and they are so affordable. They are a must try out this Christmas period.

This is one of the things i love from shein, i was attracted by the color then i realized it is a detachable coat i.e the sleeves can be removed.

I love the details on the sweater and the top above, they are just so catchy that is why i have them on my wishlist. Don't forget to checkout SheIn, they have a massive sale going on!

What is/are on your Christmas wish-list??

Pictures from google and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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Hello loves, i hope you are all good? How is every one preparing for Christmas?  For me Christmas is the least of my worries as i am preparing for my exams next month anyways i still hope Christmas day itself would be lit. As we all know Christmas is a season to show love, care and share. I know we are in recession right now and we would be tempted not to get our friends and family some gift but i got you as i would be showing you guys some gift you can get for your female friends that is quite cheap but would be really appreciated.

1. Pompom: I really don't know what they are called but you know those fluffy key chain that adds more style to you purse/bag? Yeah that is what i am, calling pompom. If you get this for a female friend i guarantee she would love them and they are very affordable.

2. Phone case: Every girl loves a fancy phone case and they are inexpensive. Me personally i would love to upgrade my phone from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 but economy (i have been blaming economy for everything since the recession hit me lol) so i would appreciate it if anyone gives me an iPhone7 case as a gift.

3. Journal: Every one needs a journal especially if your friend is a blogger or a writer, something like a blog planner would be a beautiful gift as we all need to write down ideas and what not. Even if the person is not a blogger, a journal or planner is a good gift as we all have ideas that pop into our head every once in a while.

4. Lip balm: Most of you might not be able to relate that lip balms are nice gifts but i promise you they are, i don't know if i am saying this because i am obsessed with them . Every girl needs one, we all need to moisturize our lips. And when getting a lip balm for a friend or anyone get the ones that have nice shape and are sort of decorative.

5. Take them out: I mean take them out for a meal. I have been talking about what you can get for a female friend, you can take a male friend for a meal. We are trying to spend less and give more so it does not have to be an expensive restaurant. It could just be a pizza and chill kinda thing.

Pictures from google.

If you have any affordable Christmas gift idea feel free to share it with me.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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24 HOURS IN.......

Hey beautiful people i hope your week is going well? Today i am going to be talking about a city i  dream of visiting and how i would spend 24 hours in the city and i would also be announcing the winner of my giveaway at the end of this post!

Two of the cities i have always wanted to visit are  Amsterdam and Dubai but today i would be sharing how i would spent 24 hours in Amsterdam because i planned on going there this Christmas but things happened and plan changed. I am writing this post to enter for a competition, the competition is sponsored by Accor Hotels and they would be sponsoring the winner to explore three cities; Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. I hope i win because i really want to visit Amsterdam. They also have a prize for second and third place.

If i ever get to visit Amsterdam, i would like to visit every single street i can lay my feet on for the love of art because i hear there is an active art scene on almost every street of Amsterdam. Most especially the beautiful street called Jordaan it has a lot of aesthetics.

I would love to take a canal cruise, it is a beautiful sight to behold especially when the lights on the bridge are lit!! And cruising in a canal or any water body is so much fun.

Visit the eye across IJ, as a civil engineer i admire the beauty of this structure and i would love to feed my eyes on how it looks so that i could imagine how it was designed and constructed. Inside the beautiful structure is a film house, cinema, library and a cafe. I would make sure i go in to watch a movie.

My love for shopping would make me visit the shops at the nine street just to get some souvenirs to give me memories of the beautiful city. And also the fashion blogger side of me that loves vintage (i probably have not expressed my love for vintage on the blog because i have not had time to create a vintage collection) would come alive as in Amsterdam i would ensure i visit the most vintage market Albert Cuypmarket as it offers great insight of the dutch lifestyle.

Explore diverse attraction of the city, i would ensure i visit a historic places such as the famous Van Gogh Museum which has a collection of 20th and 21st century artist  just to learn a little bit of history and feed my eyes. No knowledge is a waste. I would also love to visit the Artis Zoo

I would love to eat as much dutch food i can in one day.

I have family there so i would try squeeze up some time to go say hi to them. Probably after i have enjoyed Amsterdam to the fullest. I hope i can do all these in 24 hours!!! Lastly, i would definitely take  a lot of pictures for my blog.

Amsterdam is a must visit! Where do you dream of visiting??

The winner of my giveaway is ejiro of @the_ejiro on Instagram....... please hit me up for more information.

Thank you for stopping by. Cheers!!

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Review: On Becoming

Happy new months TPJays!! Can some one pinch me because i can't believe 2016 is almost over. Just like that!! Lets dive into what i have in stock for you guys, i am going to be sharing my thoughts on this book. Regardless of my opinion, i think this is a must read. Before i dive i want to thank a very good friend of mine for getting me a copy (it was my birthday gift).

After seeing bits and pieces from subdeliveryman's twitter i got curious and wanted to know more. When i finally got a copy i was super excited and after reading it i learnt a few things and i decided to share. While reading this  book i kept on opening my mouth because i was shocked at the the things that happened in the marriage between toke and her ex-husband. And one thing i can say is that it all happened to Toke because she let him!

In general, the book is a good one but it seemed she was coming for her ex-husband. The content of the book does not go with the title at all, from the whole story she still was not able to tell us how she became. I felt she was just trying to tell the whole world  how her ex-husband hurt her and not how she evolved to the woman she has become. There is a bit of vengeance behind this book! Another thing that Toke did wrong was mentioning the names of the people involved she should have coded it.

So lets go straight to the lessons learnt...........

1. Let go & let God: I am so glad that Toke finally let go by forgiving everyone that hurt her in the process and let God take control. According to her story she only got God involved when she started having crisis in her marriage, God was not involved before the marriage which is a wrong step.  We are nothing without God, in every situation we find ourselves in we should always involve God he knows what is best for us! Whatever relationship we find ourselves in God should be the only third party. If she had involved him before she got married, they might have not even gotten married or God could have actually changed him. We all need to let God take the wheel.

2. Put your happiness in no one else but yourself: How can you let a mare man be the source of your happiness!!!! No! No! you should be your source of happiness and obviously God. Toke kept going back to her ex-husband because at the time she thought he was her only source of happiness that should not be.

3. Self love is really important: If you don't love your self as much your partner or any one else would take advantage of that! Toke's ex-husband probably noticed this and dwelt on it. In my opinion Toke lacked self love because at some point she was trying to be like her rival. If she loved her self she won't have to be competing with her rival, she won't try to change her self just to please her man. It was so deep she went to the extent of bleaching her skin.

4. Try not to be blind in love: To be honest it is not easy for we girls but we need to protect our heart and open our eyes. We should be able the to filter the wrong people out of our lives even if they come to us looking like the are the right one. It was so obvious that toke and her ex-husband were not meant to be. There were so many signs! Signs where every where!! But the love she has for him did not let her see the signs.

5. Talk to people: Surely there would be someone close to you that you can talk to! Toke was being emotionally abused and she kept it all to herself. No matter what type of abuse you are facing be it emotional or physical you need to speak out for help.

6. Stay away from people in relationships: This is directly to them side-things out there! If you see that the man you like is in a relationship or even married, for goodness sake you should back off. Why would you even want to share someone else's man when there are so many fishes in the ocean? Okay so toke's husband left her for you, he can leave you the same way he left her for some one else and even if he does not leave you for anyone, according to the book he is or was a chronic cheater so what are the chances that he would not cheat on you.

7. Accept your fault: Toke did not only tell us all the wrongs her ex-husband did, she was able to spot her faults in the marriage. If you have read the book you would agree with me that she married the wrong man, even after that i think her marriage would have still worked if she did not carry all the hurts of her relationship into her marriage. Her marriage should have been a new beginning for the both of them.

If you have read the book please share your opinion as well. And I also need to know why society promotes Nigerian men infidelity?? It is not really related to the book but i just want to know.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!!
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