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Hello Loves, how you guys doing? Who is excited for the new year? I am! How are you all spending your last day in 2016 because I am spending mine in the library and church later in the day.  I don't know about you guys but I think praising God and thanking him is the best way to round up 2016.

If you guys follow twitter carefully you would notice that most people had a bad 2016 so to say. If you are one of them please share your 2016 experience and if you had a good one please share as well.

 As for me, I think 2016 has been my best year so far even though it had a lot of ups and downs but I have learnt that you have to pass through the fire to be a gem. 2016 has been a year of realisation truly, I have learnt a lot, I have grown so much, I have grown as a blogger and personally (guys I am officially a UK size 8 lol), not just that type of growth, I have grown spiritual and mentally too. All I can pray for is 2017 would be better for everyone.

This year has been a great blogging year for me, I have achieved a lot with my blog and I am thankful for the opportunities my blog opened for me. This year i can proudly say i ticked all my goals for my blog and I would not have done it on my own without your support so thank you very much. I really appreciate. I am so tempted to share my goals for 2017 and show you guys what i have in stock but i would keep it to myself and keep you guys in suspense but make sure you watch this space!!

What!!!! 2016 was too littttttttt!!!!! I had so much fun this year, the fun continues in 2017.

Guys so as the year is coming to an end i would like to get feedback from you. Please tell me what you enjoyed and what needs improvement so that i can give you the best in 2017.

Thanks for stopping by. See you in the New Year! Cheers!!!!

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  1. Yes! I called 2016 the year of realization too! Happy New year babe ❤

  2. You seem to have had an amazing 2016! Cheers to an even better 2017!

    Subomi|My Fashion Musings

    1. Yes hun, i did!! and 2017 would be lit for us. Thanks for stopping by.