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All i want for Christmas

Hey TPJays in the spirit of Christmas i would love to share my whist list just in case you guys love me so much and decide to get me one or two things. I am glad i was able to get most of the things on my Christmas wish list last year.  There are so many things on my wishlist and i would just narrow it to 5.

1. Phone: I really need a new phone, my current phone recently cracked and that is enough reason for me to change it right? I want the iPhone 7 in black and i really wish someone could bring this wish to live.

2. Camera: I want the canon EOS 750D DSLR, as a blogger this is needed as it would reduce the cost i spend on photography and it would increase the amount of fashion post i would be able to put on the blog. It is so sad that every time i try to save for this camera i spend the money before the money is even complete.

3. Sneakers: I have always wanted the Rihanna Puma Creepers for the longest time now. Anytime i go try to cop them they are always sold out so i gave up until she recently launched the  velvet ones and i am definitely feeling the velvet vibe. 

4.  Kylie's holiday Collection: OK, right now i don't understand my obsession with Kylie's products but i really want this and i don't see my self using my money to buy it. It would really be nice to add this to my make up collection as it consists of; 10 liquid lipsticks, 3 creme shadows a kyshadow palette and one eyeliner. In general i want more make up anyway.

5. Clothes: I really want to change my wardrobe. Right now i feel my wardrobe does not describe me. Some time next year i would be giving most of my clothes to charity and i am selling some on depop (oleghep) tell me you are from my blog and i would give you a discount. The need to declutter and build my style has arose. I am really feeling some Nigerian brands like shopemaju, wangerayu and some other ones. Another brand that i love and i would like you guys to check out is SheIn. They have beautiful products and they are so affordable. They are a must try out this Christmas period.

This is one of the things i love from shein, i was attracted by the color then i realized it is a detachable coat i.e the sleeves can be removed.

I love the details on the sweater and the top above, they are just so catchy that is why i have them on my wishlist. Don't forget to checkout SheIn, they have a massive sale going on!

What is/are on your Christmas wish-list??

Pictures from google and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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