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Hello loves, i hope you are all good? How is every one preparing for Christmas?  For me Christmas is the least of my worries as i am preparing for my exams next month anyways i still hope Christmas day itself would be lit. As we all know Christmas is a season to show love, care and share. I know we are in recession right now and we would be tempted not to get our friends and family some gift but i got you as i would be showing you guys some gift you can get for your female friends that is quite cheap but would be really appreciated.

1. Pompom: I really don't know what they are called but you know those fluffy key chain that adds more style to you purse/bag? Yeah that is what i am, calling pompom. If you get this for a female friend i guarantee she would love them and they are very affordable.

2. Phone case: Every girl loves a fancy phone case and they are inexpensive. Me personally i would love to upgrade my phone from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 but economy (i have been blaming economy for everything since the recession hit me lol) so i would appreciate it if anyone gives me an iPhone7 case as a gift.

3. Journal: Every one needs a journal especially if your friend is a blogger or a writer, something like a blog planner would be a beautiful gift as we all need to write down ideas and what not. Even if the person is not a blogger, a journal or planner is a good gift as we all have ideas that pop into our head every once in a while.

4. Lip balm: Most of you might not be able to relate that lip balms are nice gifts but i promise you they are, i don't know if i am saying this because i am obsessed with them . Every girl needs one, we all need to moisturize our lips. And when getting a lip balm for a friend or anyone get the ones that have nice shape and are sort of decorative.

5. Take them out: I mean take them out for a meal. I have been talking about what you can get for a female friend, you can take a male friend for a meal. We are trying to spend less and give more so it does not have to be an expensive restaurant. It could just be a pizza and chill kinda thing.

Pictures from google.

If you have any affordable Christmas gift idea feel free to share it with me.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!!!

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