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History of African Prints

Hey, guys, today's post is a little bit different and it is quite educative. So I stumbled on someone's Instagram page and I loved everything about the page, it got my attention and inspired me to do this.


Wait a minute! Before the title scares you off, I promise you it is an interesting history so sit tight and learn something new.

They are called African Prints (Ankara) but did you know that African prints are not originally African?? They were not made or created by Africans. They were formerly known as Dutch Wax Print which simply means it was originally made in Europe.

The dutch made these prints to be sold in Indonesia initially. Along the line, the fabrics got to West-Africa and we just embraced it because of its tribal patterns and we could relate to it. I guess the African prints were relatable because it said a lot about our culture, heritage, lifestyle and fashion.

Now let us talk about this pictures and the model, I fell in love with the aesthetics immediately like I said earlier I loved every single thing about these pictures. These pictures are to launch a clothing line called Demure By Denike. They specialise in creating fun and trendy ways to wear our African culture and heritage. Seeing beautiful things like this and knowing they are made in Nigeria just gives me joy and a little hope in Nigeria. When I get back home I am definitely going to patronise this brand and I also don't mind modelling for them as well :) Let support our own! If you want to patronise them contact them via email and IG @demurebydenike.rtw


With what you have learnt today, do you think the fabric 'African print' represents African culture still? 

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin The month of January is almost rounding up, I actually think January took six months to come to an end because it was just unnecessarily long. Today we would be talking about some clothing items that should be in your wardrobe, they save you a lot of stress when dressing up. Now let's get to it...

1. White Shirts: This is a staple! It can be worn in many ways. It can be worn on its own, tucked in or out with a pair of jeans or skirt. It could also be worn under a sweater in the cold season or under a jacket or even a suit. The ways to style a white shirt is unlimited, check out one way I styled my white shirt HERE.

2. Blue Jeans: Everyone should own a pair of blue jeans because a pair of jeans on a top or shirt is like almost every one's go-to look. When picking a go-to jeans you have to choose a comfortable one and one that compliments your assets. Black jeans are also a wardrobe essential.

3. The Leather Jacket: This is a major essential staple. Personally I don't know what I would have done without my leather jacket because it comes in handy every time and it goes with almost all my outfit and it can be worn in every season! (I would be sharing how I make my leather jacket warmer for winter soon). Leather jackets give your outfit an edgy look.

4. Beige Trench Coat: This is one of the most essential wardrobe staple as it goes with everything and it is never out of style. It can be worn in any season depending on the thickness of the coat. Trench coats in general give you a classy and chic look making your outfit to look sophisticated.

5. Black Blazer: The black blazer is really important in your wardrobe because it is black and it goes with everything. Blazers have a way of lifting a simple look. You can wear a blazer comfortably either opened or closed and you can wear it with a dress, skirt or pant.

Pictures were gotten from Instagram.

What are your wardrobe Essentials? Do you have any of these staples in your wardrobe?

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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New Year, New Hair!

I know this is coming quite late and most of you have already settled in this year but to me, the year is still new and I am still planning on how I want my year to be perfect. Today I am going to be sharing my new year 'hair' goals. First, this year I really don't want to think of the growth of my hair in perspective of length, by the end of the year I would be rating the growth of my hair by how healthy my hair is. I have been able to come up with a few things to help you out if you are interested in a healthy natural hair so let's go straight to it.

1. Water: Drink a lot of water, I can't over emphasis on the importance of water to your skin and hair. Water really is the key. So this year I am working on drinking 8 glasses of water every day, I am a water person like I drink a lot of water but counting the number of glasses I drink a day is quite difficult because I have never drunk up to 8 glasses since I started but I am working towards it.

2. Protective styling: This is the way forward as a naturalist. Wigs are the way forward, to be honest, they reduce damages to your hair, in fact, they don't damage your hair they even give you the opportunity to feed your hair while rocking your hairstyle. When I mean feed I mean putting oil and what not. Wigs are not the only protective styles, crotchet braids are as well. This year I have promised myself I am not going to braid even though I love braids but they do more harm than good so I am ditching them this year.

3. Comb: I literally don't have any comb in my house, I threw them away because combing your hair damages your hair to an extent instead of using combs I use my fingers to detangle my hair. I am not saying you should throw your combs away but reduce the number of times you use it on your hair your fingers would do a good job.

4. Conditioner: I know I have talked about the importance of conditioning here but I am still going to re-emphasise so you know the importance of conditioning, deep conditioning and co-washing in general. So for me, I try to wash my hair every week, I achieve that by shampooing once a month and co-washing every other week. That keeps my hair really healthy as our hair need little or no shampoo.

5. Trim: I have not decided how often I want to be doing this but trimming your hair is a good way to reduce shedding. Trimming your hair helps you to cut off tangled hair because if you comb your detangled hair or even use your fingers the detangled hair would come off with untangled hair as well. Disclaimer! I am not saying you should cut your whole hair all I am saying is you should trim the tips!!

Hope you were able to learn one or two things? Let me know what your hair goals are for this year if you have one.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!!
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Letter to TPJays

Hello Loves,  Happy new year guys!!!! I wish in 2017 every moment is enjoyed. This New year is going to be legendary for all of us. Let this New year give you all the strength and courage to enhance your virtues. Wishing you all good things this new year. Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, blessing and success ahead.

I am so glad we made it to 2017. This year is about to be lit for us. I know i have not been active for a tiny bit, i just finished my exams and i have been busy trying to bring the best to the blog this year. I have a lot of things in stock for you guys and i hope everything would go according to plans. This year i want the blog to take a new direction, i want me and my readers to communicate as often as possible so if you have any thing you want to see on the blog this year feel free to let me know in the comment section. Also i want my TGIF series to have more meaning so if you want to be seeing certain post on Fridays let me know as well.

I want to use this opportunity to thank every one that has followed me this far, every one that believes in me. I am where i am because of you guys and i promise the blog would be better this year. Have any idea how i can make the blog better??

I know for a minute there has not been an outfit post but here is one, we are back and better! I love this look so much i think that is why it has been sitting in my draft for the longest time, i did not think any post was worthy of this look lol. I can't remember what exactly inspired this outfit but it was getting cold and i was feeling wide leg pants at that moment so i decided to go for this subtle look. At some point on Instagram, blush pink was trending so if it is still trending this is one way to style  blush pink. This look/outfit can be worn to any occasion, tell me where you would wear this outfit to?

Photo credit: Dolaposh (on IG)

Cop My Style
Sweater: Atmosphere
Pants: Missguided
Shoes: Atmosphere

Stay tuned!! Bigger things coming this year. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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