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History of African Prints

Hey, guys, today's post is a little bit different and it is quite educative. So I stumbled on someone's Instagram page and I loved everything about the page, it got my attention and inspired me to do this.


Wait a minute! Before the title scares you off, I promise you it is an interesting history so sit tight and learn something new.

They are called African Prints (Ankara) but did you know that African prints are not originally African?? They were not made or created by Africans. They were formerly known as Dutch Wax Print which simply means it was originally made in Europe.

The dutch made these prints to be sold in Indonesia initially. Along the line, the fabrics got to West-Africa and we just embraced it because of its tribal patterns and we could relate to it. I guess the African prints were relatable because it said a lot about our culture, heritage, lifestyle and fashion.

Now let us talk about this pictures and the model, I fell in love with the aesthetics immediately like I said earlier I loved every single thing about these pictures. These pictures are to launch a clothing line called Demure By Denike. They specialise in creating fun and trendy ways to wear our African culture and heritage. Seeing beautiful things like this and knowing they are made in Nigeria just gives me joy and a little hope in Nigeria. When I get back home I am definitely going to patronise this brand and I also don't mind modelling for them as well :) Let support our own! If you want to patronise them contact them via email and IG @demurebydenike.rtw


With what you have learnt today, do you think the fabric 'African print' represents African culture still? 

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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  1. Without much persuasion, I already love this brand, the pieces are so versatile and innovative. I definitely think the African print still represents the African culture, we've been wearing it for years, and the whole world associates us with it.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Thanks for stopping by!