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New Year, New Hair!

I know this is coming quite late and most of you have already settled in this year but to me, the year is still new and I am still planning on how I want my year to be perfect. Today I am going to be sharing my new year 'hair' goals. First, this year I really don't want to think of the growth of my hair in perspective of length, by the end of the year I would be rating the growth of my hair by how healthy my hair is. I have been able to come up with a few things to help you out if you are interested in a healthy natural hair so let's go straight to it.

1. Water: Drink a lot of water, I can't over emphasis on the importance of water to your skin and hair. Water really is the key. So this year I am working on drinking 8 glasses of water every day, I am a water person like I drink a lot of water but counting the number of glasses I drink a day is quite difficult because I have never drunk up to 8 glasses since I started but I am working towards it.

2. Protective styling: This is the way forward as a naturalist. Wigs are the way forward, to be honest, they reduce damages to your hair, in fact, they don't damage your hair they even give you the opportunity to feed your hair while rocking your hairstyle. When I mean feed I mean putting oil and what not. Wigs are not the only protective styles, crotchet braids are as well. This year I have promised myself I am not going to braid even though I love braids but they do more harm than good so I am ditching them this year.

3. Comb: I literally don't have any comb in my house, I threw them away because combing your hair damages your hair to an extent instead of using combs I use my fingers to detangle my hair. I am not saying you should throw your combs away but reduce the number of times you use it on your hair your fingers would do a good job.

4. Conditioner: I know I have talked about the importance of conditioning here but I am still going to re-emphasise so you know the importance of conditioning, deep conditioning and co-washing in general. So for me, I try to wash my hair every week, I achieve that by shampooing once a month and co-washing every other week. That keeps my hair really healthy as our hair need little or no shampoo.

5. Trim: I have not decided how often I want to be doing this but trimming your hair is a good way to reduce shedding. Trimming your hair helps you to cut off tangled hair because if you comb your detangled hair or even use your fingers the detangled hair would come off with untangled hair as well. Disclaimer! I am not saying you should cut your whole hair all I am saying is you should trim the tips!!

Hope you were able to learn one or two things? Let me know what your hair goals are for this year if you have one.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!!
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