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Hey guys, how are you doing? The month is almost over and it has really been a fruitful month for me. This month was a month of love and fashion as well. Catch up on all my valentine series if you missed them here, here and here. We all know February is a month of fashion week and  if you have been following my blog for a long time you know i never fail to update you on London Fashion Week but this time i am giving you updates on both London and New York fashion week . We are going to be talking about trends that the fashion week is bringing this spring/summer.

5 trends from London Fashion Week

1. Patchwork; Yes i am totally in love with patched work outfits because it oozes a playful vibe and it never go out of style.

2. Floral; They trended for sometime last year but it seems like they would be back this year according to the runway so i would be watching out for some floral's this spring/summer. Even though this time it seems floral's would be in dark patterns.

3. Stripes; when we think of stripes i know you think of a cooperate wears. Stripes can be styled down and made casual and fun to wear. The runway showed us ways we could style our striped outfits.

4. Exaggerated earrings; The runway has showed us that this season is all about bold statements. If you want a simple but bold look why don't you just go for an exaggerated accessory. I would be trying the exaggerated earrings this season. What about you?  

5. Ruffles; I have a strong feeling they are going to be a big thing this spring and summer. They are statement outfit that every fashionista should have.

5 Trends from New York Fashion Week


1. Rainbow stripes; Colors are really going to be big thing this spring/summer and rainbow stripes are just a low key way to color block. Now i have hope i am going to have a colorful summer. 

2. Cold one shoulder; For a long time now cold shoulder has been trending, it is now time to spice the trend up. Hence the rebirth of the cold one shoulder. Let's all see how far this look would trend. 

3. Velvet; Velvet has been trending for like forever now and according to the runway, they are still going to be trending this year.

4. Capes; Capes did not only trend in New York fashion week but also in London Fashion Week. It is a wardrobe staple to have as the weather is transitioning from freezy to chilly.

5. Silk; Outfits made out of silk are just so lit!  Silk dresses are so beautiful and helps to bring out your sexy side without you trying hard and an advantage of silk is that they are easy to style.

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Self Love

It is finally Valentine's day and what i have been preaching all through this month is it is the season to show love. If you are active on twitter as i am you would realize that a lot of single ladies are just planning on staying at home not doing anything just because they are single. Like i said in my previous post HERE, if no one shows you love this season why don't you show yourself love.

We all need to learn the importance of self love, do you really need a partner to feel loved? The answer is no because before you can find love from some one else you need to love yourself first. So to every single lady out there on valentines day all you need is love your self and good vibes really.

Just to make you feel better, do what your partner would have done for or with you on valentines day if you had one. Get yourself flowers and chocolate, or go out to eat or see a movie, you can go to the spa to relax, you can netflix and chill at home. The choice is yours but dont stay indoors and gloomy because you are single, you too can have fun on valentines day!

Pictures gotten from Instagram

What are you doing on Valentine's Day??

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!
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Crotchet braids || Faux locs

Hey my dear TPJays, how are you doing and how did your weekend go? Mine was alright, there was nothing much to do. Today is a hair related post I know it has been long I have had a hair post, so I have decided to post one hair post every month starting from this month. In this post, i would be sharing with you how I did my crotchet braids at the comfort of my home. And trust me I have gotten a lot of compliments one reason why I decided to share it with you guys.

This is not my first time doing my crochet myself. The first time I did it I was so proud of myself, truth be told i knew I could do crochet myself for a long time but I was just too lazy and scared that it might not come out nice. This year I have made up my mind that I would be doing most of my hairstyles myself (let's see how far I go with this). The first time I did my crochet myself it got me in big trouble because of the colour I used. It was grey. All the Nigerian adults in my life almost beat me up because of my hair that is why I did not post any pictures with my grey hair, in fact, I deleted all the pictures with my grey hair.

Let's go straight to it.......

1. Weave your hair; I got a friend to weave my hair for me because my tracks are usually not strong when i do them myself and you need your tracks to be strong for crochet braids.

2. Crotchet it; at this point, you need the crochet needle. You first install the crotchet needle into your tracks then you insert the loop of the hair into the needle and pass it under your tracks and then you tie a knot and make sure your knot is firm so that the hair does not come off.

3. Final lap; It is the same process you do till you cover your track. When I was done I used scissors to trim the hair just to make it neater. You see it is that easy to slay your crotchet braid yourself!

Have you ever done anything that the adults in your life did not approve of? Would you try to do your crochet braids yourself?

Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!!

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How to slay in Uni

Hey guys, so how are you guys doing? Today's post is inspired by my self. If you are like me that is too lazy to wake up by 6 am just to get ready for uni then this post is for you as this would be a beauty/fashion hack for us!

I am the type of person that wakes up 30 minutes to class and still want to slay, most times i really cant be bothered and i go to uni without make up because make up is not the only way to slay!

So let get straight to it .......

1. Use a quality eye cream: You might be wondering how this makes us slay but as a student we always have that period where we are in the library over night and don't get enough sleep then we start getting eye bags. A quality eye cream would help you clear the eye bags so you don't go to uni looking scruffy.

2. Coconut oil: If you are not using coconut oil on your skin and hair i really don't know what you are waiting for. Coconut oil makes your skin glow and it would make you look good with little or no make up on. Coconut oil can be used on your hair, body and face.

3. Plan your outfit ahead of time: This saves a lot of time and this is why i am still able to make it to class on time even when i wake up 30 minutes to my class. I usually use the night before to plan and prepare my outfit.

4. Minimal make up: Having limited time, there is no time to highlight and contour so if i want to put on make up to school and i am almost running late i just apply foundation, powder, lip gloss and mascara and i am good to go. But if you want to upgrade this look you would need to apply lashes because lashes just have a way of taking your look from zero to hundred real quick.

Please let me know if this post was helpful.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!
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Who is your Valentine?

It is valentine soon and I know your valentine could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, your parents, your siblings, your spouse. I just want to say valentine is the season of love and you should show love regardless of if you have a valentine or not and also if no one shows you love this season  you should love your self no matter what.

The question is who is your Valentine? My valentine is me, myself  and I (feel free to answer the question in the comment section) since i am my valentine a simple red dress would do for any valentine event i have to attend this month. Even if you have a valentine and you want to be simple, this look would be perfect for you.

For me a simple pencil/body con dress is my go-to dress because it compliments my body without me having to try hard that is why i went for this red dress. And i know wearing red this season is so cliche but red signifies love so i decided to go with the crowd this one time. If you don't want something cliche you can go with a black dress. Yeah! i know i have worn this fur coat a million and one times but that is what happens when you find that piece of cloth that you love so much and besides it keeps me warm so why not.

I have come to a conclusion that red is worn more in this season than in Christmas season! Do you think i am right?

Photos taken and edited by ayo.busari on IG

Cop my style

Dress: Gifted
Coat: Thrifted
Shoes: New look

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!
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Whoop! Whoop!! It is the season of love as Valentine is around the corner. Today I am going to be sharing gift ideas for your loved ones both inexpensive gifts and expensive gifts. I really hope this helps those of you looking to get 'bae' something special.

Let's be practical getting gifts for your significant other or anyone could be difficult that is why I am here to help you guys. To be factual getting gifts for girls is easier than getting gifts for guys.

One thing I know for sure is that as much as we girls like to look good and go over the top boys also like to look good, some boys take their grooming personal so if your man is into grooming and his looks, you can get him grooming products. If your man is part of the beard gang why don't you help him take care of his beards by getting him some beard oil or set of beard combs before another girl would volunteer to take care of his beards for him *sips tea*. Some other guys have a great sense of fashion and would love it if you get them a pair of Chelsea boot or a shirt or even a tie, you can go big and get him a pair of suit. It really depends on the type of man your man is.

Here are some options you should check out;

1. Wrist watch Micheal KorsErnest Jones,
2. A pair of jeans TopManAsosBurton MenswearDebenhamsZara
3.Perfumes Calvin KleinHugo BossBulgariThe Perfume Shop
4. Shirt Hawes&CurtisZaraRiver IslandHollister
5. Shaving kit Shave Lounge
6. Boxers and Socks Asos
7. Headphones SonyBeats
8. Games and game consoles) Play stationXbox
9. Tie Tm LewinNextHawes & CurtisM&SDebenhams

Like I said earlier it is easier to get a girl something, just getting her a bouquet of her favourite flowers would melt her heart. I actually want flowers this season. Anyways same thing applies for girls you just need to know the type of woman your woman is and what she likes, There should be that shoe she has been admiring for the longest time or it could even be that her foundation and some of her other makeup products are running out, why don't you get her new ones? 

Here are some options you should check out;

1.Makeup MACLancomeSephoraMakeup geekKylie Cosmetics
2. Flowers and chocolate Prestige Flowers (you know where to get chocolates from)
3. Perfume The perfume shop
4. A pair of heels EgoAsosMissguided
5. A dress MissguidedPretty Little ThingboohooAsos
6. Jewelries Thomas SaboWarren JamesPandora
7. Weave Hair from HimLondon Virgin Hair,
8. Lingerie Ann summersVictorias SecretAsos
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