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Crotchet braids || Faux locs

Hey my dear TPJays, how are you doing and how did your weekend go? Mine was alright, there was nothing much to do. Today is a hair related post I know it has been long I have had a hair post, so I have decided to post one hair post every month starting from this month. In this post, i would be sharing with you how I did my crotchet braids at the comfort of my home. And trust me I have gotten a lot of compliments one reason why I decided to share it with you guys.

This is not my first time doing my crochet myself. The first time I did it I was so proud of myself, truth be told i knew I could do crochet myself for a long time but I was just too lazy and scared that it might not come out nice. This year I have made up my mind that I would be doing most of my hairstyles myself (let's see how far I go with this). The first time I did my crochet myself it got me in big trouble because of the colour I used. It was grey. All the Nigerian adults in my life almost beat me up because of my hair that is why I did not post any pictures with my grey hair, in fact, I deleted all the pictures with my grey hair.

Let's go straight to it.......

1. Weave your hair; I got a friend to weave my hair for me because my tracks are usually not strong when i do them myself and you need your tracks to be strong for crochet braids.

2. Crotchet it; at this point, you need the crochet needle. You first install the crotchet needle into your tracks then you insert the loop of the hair into the needle and pass it under your tracks and then you tie a knot and make sure your knot is firm so that the hair does not come off.

3. Final lap; It is the same process you do till you cover your track. When I was done I used scissors to trim the hair just to make it neater. You see it is that easy to slay your crotchet braid yourself!

Have you ever done anything that the adults in your life did not approve of? Would you try to do your crochet braids yourself?

Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!!

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