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Hey guys, how are you doing? The month is almost over and it has really been a fruitful month for me. This month was a month of love and fashion as well. Catch up on all my valentine series if you missed them here, here and here. We all know February is a month of fashion week and  if you have been following my blog for a long time you know i never fail to update you on London Fashion Week but this time i am giving you updates on both London and New York fashion week . We are going to be talking about trends that the fashion week is bringing this spring/summer.

5 trends from London Fashion Week

1. Patchwork; Yes i am totally in love with patched work outfits because it oozes a playful vibe and it never go out of style.

2. Floral; They trended for sometime last year but it seems like they would be back this year according to the runway so i would be watching out for some floral's this spring/summer. Even though this time it seems floral's would be in dark patterns.

3. Stripes; when we think of stripes i know you think of a cooperate wears. Stripes can be styled down and made casual and fun to wear. The runway showed us ways we could style our striped outfits.

4. Exaggerated earrings; The runway has showed us that this season is all about bold statements. If you want a simple but bold look why don't you just go for an exaggerated accessory. I would be trying the exaggerated earrings this season. What about you?  

5. Ruffles; I have a strong feeling they are going to be a big thing this spring and summer. They are statement outfit that every fashionista should have.

5 Trends from New York Fashion Week


1. Rainbow stripes; Colors are really going to be big thing this spring/summer and rainbow stripes are just a low key way to color block. Now i have hope i am going to have a colorful summer. 

2. Cold one shoulder; For a long time now cold shoulder has been trending, it is now time to spice the trend up. Hence the rebirth of the cold one shoulder. Let's all see how far this look would trend. 

3. Velvet; Velvet has been trending for like forever now and according to the runway, they are still going to be trending this year.

4. Capes; Capes did not only trend in New York fashion week but also in London Fashion Week. It is a wardrobe staple to have as the weather is transitioning from freezy to chilly.

5. Silk; Outfits made out of silk are just so lit!  Silk dresses are so beautiful and helps to bring out your sexy side without you trying hard and an advantage of silk is that they are easy to style.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'm already looking out for the trends I'll steal and this post helped me see them!