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Whoop! Whoop!! It is the season of love as Valentine is around the corner. Today I am going to be sharing gift ideas for your loved ones both inexpensive gifts and expensive gifts. I really hope this helps those of you looking to get 'bae' something special.

Let's be practical getting gifts for your significant other or anyone could be difficult that is why I am here to help you guys. To be factual getting gifts for girls is easier than getting gifts for guys.

One thing I know for sure is that as much as we girls like to look good and go over the top boys also like to look good, some boys take their grooming personal so if your man is into grooming and his looks, you can get him grooming products. If your man is part of the beard gang why don't you help him take care of his beards by getting him some beard oil or set of beard combs before another girl would volunteer to take care of his beards for him *sips tea*. Some other guys have a great sense of fashion and would love it if you get them a pair of Chelsea boot or a shirt or even a tie, you can go big and get him a pair of suit. It really depends on the type of man your man is.

Here are some options you should check out;

1. Wrist watch Micheal KorsErnest Jones,
2. A pair of jeans TopManAsosBurton MenswearDebenhamsZara
3.Perfumes Calvin KleinHugo BossBulgariThe Perfume Shop
4. Shirt Hawes&CurtisZaraRiver IslandHollister
5. Shaving kit Shave Lounge
6. Boxers and Socks Asos
7. Headphones SonyBeats
8. Games and game consoles) Play stationXbox
9. Tie Tm LewinNextHawes & CurtisM&SDebenhams

Like I said earlier it is easier to get a girl something, just getting her a bouquet of her favourite flowers would melt her heart. I actually want flowers this season. Anyways same thing applies for girls you just need to know the type of woman your woman is and what she likes, There should be that shoe she has been admiring for the longest time or it could even be that her foundation and some of her other makeup products are running out, why don't you get her new ones? 

Here are some options you should check out;

1.Makeup MACLancomeSephoraMakeup geekKylie Cosmetics
2. Flowers and chocolate Prestige Flowers (you know where to get chocolates from)
3. Perfume The perfume shop
4. A pair of heels EgoAsosMissguided
5. A dress MissguidedPretty Little ThingboohooAsos
6. Jewelries Thomas SaboWarren JamesPandora
7. Weave Hair from HimLondon Virgin Hair,
8. Lingerie Ann summersVictorias SecretAsos
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