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How to slay in Uni

Hey guys, so how are you guys doing? Today's post is inspired by my self. If you are like me that is too lazy to wake up by 6 am just to get ready for uni then this post is for you as this would be a beauty/fashion hack for us!

I am the type of person that wakes up 30 minutes to class and still want to slay, most times i really cant be bothered and i go to uni without make up because make up is not the only way to slay!

So let get straight to it .......

1. Use a quality eye cream: You might be wondering how this makes us slay but as a student we always have that period where we are in the library over night and don't get enough sleep then we start getting eye bags. A quality eye cream would help you clear the eye bags so you don't go to uni looking scruffy.

2. Coconut oil: If you are not using coconut oil on your skin and hair i really don't know what you are waiting for. Coconut oil makes your skin glow and it would make you look good with little or no make up on. Coconut oil can be used on your hair, body and face.

3. Plan your outfit ahead of time: This saves a lot of time and this is why i am still able to make it to class on time even when i wake up 30 minutes to my class. I usually use the night before to plan and prepare my outfit.

4. Minimal make up: Having limited time, there is no time to highlight and contour so if i want to put on make up to school and i am almost running late i just apply foundation, powder, lip gloss and mascara and i am good to go. But if you want to upgrade this look you would need to apply lashes because lashes just have a way of taking your look from zero to hundred real quick.

Please let me know if this post was helpful.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!
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