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Self Love

It is finally Valentine's day and what i have been preaching all through this month is it is the season to show love. If you are active on twitter as i am you would realize that a lot of single ladies are just planning on staying at home not doing anything just because they are single. Like i said in my previous post HERE, if no one shows you love this season why don't you show yourself love.

We all need to learn the importance of self love, do you really need a partner to feel loved? The answer is no because before you can find love from some one else you need to love yourself first. So to every single lady out there on valentines day all you need is love your self and good vibes really.

Just to make you feel better, do what your partner would have done for or with you on valentines day if you had one. Get yourself flowers and chocolate, or go out to eat or see a movie, you can go to the spa to relax, you can netflix and chill at home. The choice is yours but dont stay indoors and gloomy because you are single, you too can have fun on valentines day!

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What are you doing on Valentine's Day??

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!
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