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Who is your Valentine?

It is valentine soon and I know your valentine could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, your parents, your siblings, your spouse. I just want to say valentine is the season of love and you should show love regardless of if you have a valentine or not and also if no one shows you love this season  you should love your self no matter what.

The question is who is your Valentine? My valentine is me, myself  and I (feel free to answer the question in the comment section) since i am my valentine a simple red dress would do for any valentine event i have to attend this month. Even if you have a valentine and you want to be simple, this look would be perfect for you.

For me a simple pencil/body con dress is my go-to dress because it compliments my body without me having to try hard that is why i went for this red dress. And i know wearing red this season is so cliche but red signifies love so i decided to go with the crowd this one time. If you don't want something cliche you can go with a black dress. Yeah! i know i have worn this fur coat a million and one times but that is what happens when you find that piece of cloth that you love so much and besides it keeps me warm so why not.

I have come to a conclusion that red is worn more in this season than in Christmas season! Do you think i am right?

Photos taken and edited by ayo.busari on IG

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Dress: Gifted
Coat: Thrifted
Shoes: New look

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