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Hey beautiful people, how are you all doing? I am so excited today because everything about this post is beautiful and i loved everything about this shoot. So me and this photographer have always wanted to work together right from when i started my blog afresh he was even the first photographer i contacted when i was looking for one. Story short life happened we never got to work together. Last December i also wanted to work with him but he was too busy but some time last month we finally got to work together like we were both free on the same day and we made magic, i guess you can tell from the pictures.

The shoot lasted literally for 10 minutes because it was so cold and man the pictures came out lit.

I know i have been talking non fashion stuff so let go back to fashion because that is why we are really here. So if you are part of my snap fam (ms_tomiii) you would remember i promised y'll a colour blocking 101 because right now colour blocking is trending and there is a wrong and right way to colour block and i would love my TPJays to do it the right way.

When i think of colour blocking rainbow comes to my mind, colour blocking is not just all about putting colours together but the ability to put colours together and they match and compliment each colours, you just have to be creative because colour blocking can go wrong.


Here are some tips:

1. Use simple and bold colors like orange, green, purple.

2. Your whole outfit does not have to have different colors from my outfit it was only my sweater that had the color mix that is a safe way to color block.

3. When picking accessory make sure you use neutral colors, i did not have accessories in this outfit but i made sure my jeans and trainers were neutral colors just to balance the colors.

4. Don't add prints, floral, patterns, strips into the mix just keep it simple so your whole outfit does not look like a joke.

5. Your make up should be as natural as possible, you really don't want to be looking like the color wheel.

Okay now i am going to talk a little bit on the sweatshirt as it is the star of this whole outfit. A lot of people have asked me where i got this sweatshirt from you can find out in the 'cop my style' section. I would strongly recommend this sweatshirt as it is so comfy, it keeps you warm to an extent and definitely keeps you trendy.
N.B: This is a sponsored post.

Photos taken and edited by chokote_ on IG

Cop my style:

Sweater: ZAFUL
Jeans: New look
Trainers: Adidas ZX Flux

Would you color block? Have you ever color blocked? Tell me all about your color blocking experience. Hope you learnt something from this post?

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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  1. I want this sweatshirt!. Beautiful colours. And p.s your photographer is dope. I love these pictures.