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Picture Me

Picture me, 23, a bag of awards I made it out of my talent, passion and fashion.

Picture me, 23, I did not chase my dreams. My parents wanted me to drop blogging because they did not want it to affect my studies. And now I am sitting at a desk, wearing a safety hat, with a 2:1 in Civil Engineering. Eating my burger on my lunch break while I am scribbling my blog post.

And picture me, 19, a graduate in BEng Civil Engineering, in all white and my graduation gown, surrounded by my whole family.

Picture me, a dropout, because at some point university was stressing me out and I thought I was not going to make it. No, don't picture me a dropout, God had my back and paved ways for me.

Picture me, a legend, worldwide or a local champion.

Picture you, I don't know your picture can you paint it for me? Or illustrate how you are going to get to all these places for me? And if you can't then don't worry you still got time.

But you just need to paint a picture or just sketch a draft because how you going to know you are going down the wrong road. If you are in a dark place, and you don't sketch a path.

I talk to God on a daily about my picture because I can't see it clearly. And don't let anybody tell you, you can't run, write, blog, sing or be a YouTuber. You can be a King. You can be a Queen.

Now you can work a 9-5 job if it makes you smile at night, money ain't a measure of success cause you can have a billion and dead, you can have a 20 grand flat and live a long long life with no stress.

So listen, I don't know your picture can you paint it for me? And can you tell me where your batch of friends are taking you? And can you tell me what your aspirations are? Your dreams?

Forget the money, tell me what makes you,  you. What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? What makes you sick?

Can you tell me why you are on this earth? Can you tell me why you are living? Are you trying to touch a nation?

You get your picture, get to painting. Are you changing the world?

I can still paint a picture with God's guidance, put a pen into my hand. It is time to paint your picture, my friend. Now you can go get it.

Inspired by Dave's Picture me.

Cop my style:

Top and pant - Missguided
Slides - Fenty by Rihanna
Shades - Ebay

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Whatever Happened in Barbados stays there!

Hey, guys, this is a continuation of TPJ takes Barbados which you can read HERE if you missed it. Today's post is going to be a 'fun' travel guide to Barbados.

The island is beautiful, the ocean is clear and turquoise, the sand is white and soft, the balmy wind rustling the palm trees not to mention that the palm trees just give the beaches the perfect aesthetics.

As I mentioned HERE, I do not think the people of Barbados (Bajans) are friendly only a few of them and those are the ones that want you to buy something from them.

No matter where you stay in Barbados find your way to Oistins on Friday night at 7 pm for their fishing festival both locals and tourists attend. At Oistins, you get fresh tasty fish, music and dance for your entertainment, they also have local vendors where you can get souvenirs for yourself and loved ones (Oyinkan and I got our friendship necklace from there).

You should definitely go on a catamaran cruise we cruised with cool runnings. We got the opportunity to snorkel with turtles, I was able to touch one of the turtles and I saw the fishes in the ocean it was a beautiful sight. After snorkelling, we had lunch and of course, it had to contain their famous flying fish and rice and peas (which is actually rice and beans). The cruise lasted for five hours, while we were touring the island I sat close to the end of the yacht with my legs out, I could not capture the moment one, I did not want my phone to enter the ocean and I just wanted to live in the moment. Just imagine thinking about life in the middle of the ocean, the ocean was my front yard at that moment. The last hour and a half was party time, it felt like Ibiza for a split second, the cruise was the highlight of my whole vacation. The staffs on the cruise were so nice and made it more fun, they were the first happy Bajans i saw.

Have i mentioned that i found their food ridiculously expensive? I guess that was their way of making money from tourist. In order to cut cost, we grocery shopped for breakfast, and for lunch we would much on snacks and drinks from the bars in the beach we visited that day and for dinner we would get some Caribbean meal.

All their night life activities happens at St. Lawrence Gap.

Lastly we visited one of the most pristine beaches in Barbados Carlisle Bay, it is quite bigger than the other beaches we visited and it had more activities. After we soaked up in the sun, i really wanted to jet ski but Oyinkan was not down because she had done it before, so we decide to do something different, we hopped on a banana boat to drift and all. You guys this was lit, the fun was in the shouting, to be honest i can't describe the feeling but it was lit. After Oyinkan's shakara we ended up jet skiing that was lit as well but the banana boat was more fun.

For those of you that asked i got all my swimsuits from Zaful.

Thanks for stopping by.
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TPJ takes Barbados

Hey, beautiful people, I know it has been like forever since I have been here. Hope you did not miss me too much? I did miss you all. Anyways today I would be giving you guys a run down of my getaway to Barbados with my best friend.

It was one hell of a ride mostly because I got to the airport 9 hours early (my Nigerian parents must be proud of me) I did not know what I was going to do within that 9 hours and sleeping was not an option. I ended up watching dear white people (the series).

Guys I almost missed my flight!! I checked in quite early and I was charging my phone whilst waiting for boarding time to approach, just for me to check the time and it was almost boarding time so I raced to where I checked in to ask for where I pass through security so I can go to my gate only for one of their staff to tell me that they already boarded. My heart skipped for a second and I ran to board, they had not announced the gate number yet I thought I was late and they already took off but the inner me said I should go find out, when I finally got to my gate I was the first to get there and they were just about to announce the gate number (reason why I did not see it earlier).

I finally got to Barbados! The queue to get to immigration was too long, I was in the queue for about 2 hours. When I got to the immigration officer he looked pissed (in the course of my trip I realised that Bajans are not friendly) but he pissed me when he said 'my passport/visa does not allow me to live in the UK'. In my head I was like your business is not in the UK but Barbados, anyways I explained the part of my passport he probably skipped then he stamped my passport.

I was done with immigration and customs and I saw Oyinkan in flesh and blood (first time I was seeing her in 7 years). The first thing I did was to get food then headed to our apartment after eating I did not get any rest, we headed out to find the location of the beach we were going to the next day.

Next day:
We left the house at around 1 pm heading to Accra beach (apparently it was named after the capital of Ghana, Accra. Bajan people believe Barbados is the most African Carribean country, I won't blame them for thinking that because if you turn the map of Barbados upside down it gives you the map of Africa).  We took loads of pictures, I had a nice time walking in the waves of the ocean. After the beach we went for Oistin fry, we took the bus to and fro and believe me when I tell you it reminded me of Lagos danfo buses.

I would shed more lights on the beaches, oistin fry and other things we got up to in part 2. Do not forget to leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by.

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