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TPJ takes Barbados

Hey, beautiful people, I know it has been like forever since I have been here. Hope you did not miss me too much? I did miss you all. Anyways today I would be giving you guys a run down of my getaway to Barbados with my best friend.

It was one hell of a ride mostly because I got to the airport 9 hours early (my Nigerian parents must be proud of me) I did not know what I was going to do within that 9 hours and sleeping was not an option. I ended up watching dear white people (the series).

Guys I almost missed my flight!! I checked in quite early and I was charging my phone whilst waiting for boarding time to approach, just for me to check the time and it was almost boarding time so I raced to where I checked in to ask for where I pass through security so I can go to my gate only for one of their staff to tell me that they already boarded. My heart skipped for a second and I ran to board, they had not announced the gate number yet I thought I was late and they already took off but the inner me said I should go find out, when I finally got to my gate I was the first to get there and they were just about to announce the gate number (reason why I did not see it earlier).

I finally got to Barbados! The queue to get to immigration was too long, I was in the queue for about 2 hours. When I got to the immigration officer he looked pissed (in the course of my trip I realised that Bajans are not friendly) but he pissed me when he said 'my passport/visa does not allow me to live in the UK'. In my head I was like your business is not in the UK but Barbados, anyways I explained the part of my passport he probably skipped then he stamped my passport.

I was done with immigration and customs and I saw Oyinkan in flesh and blood (first time I was seeing her in 7 years). The first thing I did was to get food then headed to our apartment after eating I did not get any rest, we headed out to find the location of the beach we were going to the next day.

Next day:
We left the house at around 1 pm heading to Accra beach (apparently it was named after the capital of Ghana, Accra. Bajan people believe Barbados is the most African Carribean country, I won't blame them for thinking that because if you turn the map of Barbados upside down it gives you the map of Africa).  We took loads of pictures, I had a nice time walking in the waves of the ocean. After the beach we went for Oistin fry, we took the bus to and fro and believe me when I tell you it reminded me of Lagos danfo buses.

I would shed more lights on the beaches, oistin fry and other things we got up to in part 2. Do not forget to leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by.

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