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Whatever Happened in Barbados stays there!

Hey, guys, this is a continuation of TPJ takes Barbados which you can read HERE if you missed it. Today's post is going to be a 'fun' travel guide to Barbados.

The island is beautiful, the ocean is clear and turquoise, the sand is white and soft, the balmy wind rustling the palm trees not to mention that the palm trees just give the beaches the perfect aesthetics.

As I mentioned HERE, I do not think the people of Barbados (Bajans) are friendly only a few of them and those are the ones that want you to buy something from them.

No matter where you stay in Barbados find your way to Oistins on Friday night at 7 pm for their fishing festival both locals and tourists attend. At Oistins, you get fresh tasty fish, music and dance for your entertainment, they also have local vendors where you can get souvenirs for yourself and loved ones (Oyinkan and I got our friendship necklace from there).

You should definitely go on a catamaran cruise we cruised with cool runnings. We got the opportunity to snorkel with turtles, I was able to touch one of the turtles and I saw the fishes in the ocean it was a beautiful sight. After snorkelling, we had lunch and of course, it had to contain their famous flying fish and rice and peas (which is actually rice and beans). The cruise lasted for five hours, while we were touring the island I sat close to the end of the yacht with my legs out, I could not capture the moment one, I did not want my phone to enter the ocean and I just wanted to live in the moment. Just imagine thinking about life in the middle of the ocean, the ocean was my front yard at that moment. The last hour and a half was party time, it felt like Ibiza for a split second, the cruise was the highlight of my whole vacation. The staffs on the cruise were so nice and made it more fun, they were the first happy Bajans i saw.

Have i mentioned that i found their food ridiculously expensive? I guess that was their way of making money from tourist. In order to cut cost, we grocery shopped for breakfast, and for lunch we would much on snacks and drinks from the bars in the beach we visited that day and for dinner we would get some Caribbean meal.

All their night life activities happens at St. Lawrence Gap.

Lastly we visited one of the most pristine beaches in Barbados Carlisle Bay, it is quite bigger than the other beaches we visited and it had more activities. After we soaked up in the sun, i really wanted to jet ski but Oyinkan was not down because she had done it before, so we decide to do something different, we hopped on a banana boat to drift and all. You guys this was lit, the fun was in the shouting, to be honest i can't describe the feeling but it was lit. After Oyinkan's shakara we ended up jet skiing that was lit as well but the banana boat was more fun.

For those of you that asked i got all my swimsuits from Zaful.

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Best inland in the Caribbean is Barbados.

    1. Really? I cant say i visit more Caribbean countries.