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Exaggerated Sleeve

Exaggerated sleeves are definitely a summer piece even though summer lasted for one week, we going to ignore the weather and still rock our summer outfits, because, fashion.  Personally, I think this is the biggest trend of SS17. So just in case you are wondering how to be trendy for the rest of summer as it is coming to an end, you can decide to spice up your blouse game by partaking in the exaggerated sleeves trend, it comes in different forms such as bell shaped and ruffles. Here are some ways I have styled the exaggerated sleeve trends: Picture MeSpring has sprung and So what's next.

You do not have to do much with an exaggerated sleeve as it is a statement outfit, one fashion rule of the thumb is when you have on a statement outfit you do not need any other statement piece like accessories, you should try to keep everything minimal. You should have fun with your exaggerated sleeves but remember not to over do it.

Still talking about trends, cold shoulders have been a thing for so long now are they ever going to go out of fashion? Anyways I am loving them whilst they are still in trend, they are like my go-to style. Checked out how I have been styling cold shoulders since they started trending here: Summer VibesTwo ways, So far, so good,  Spring has sprung and Picture Me.


There is something about cold shoulders with exaggerated sleeves, just for when you are trying to be extra.

That is sadly the end of today's post but just before we go, I would like to announce that my blog is two today! Whoop Whoop! Looking back at my very first post on the blog I have realized how much I have grown as a blogger, check it out here. And let us also throw it back to when we turned one here.

Cop my style:

Top: Debenhams
Pants: Miss Selfridges
Shoes: Ego

Thank you guys for your support cause honestly without you guys I would not have come thus far. Cheers to many more years!!

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Vintage always wins

Hey, beautiful people! Happy new week guys! I hope you had a nice weekend?

Today we are talking about dressing like you are in the 90s or 80s is the new cool and a bit of my love for music.

As you probably can see, my love for music was sort of the theme for this shoot! To be honest guys I am always listening to music, I don’t think I can go a day without music. At some point when I was younger, I wanted to be a DJ but I guess I have dropped that dream because I know my parents would definitely not support that dream. 

Do you have any dream you have dropped because of your parents?

Ok! Back to fashion…..Vintage has been trending for a while and you can never loose with vintage if styled properly!  I have always wanted to be part of that trend but I never found any vintage outfit I fancied until Trendlistr contacted me and I actually fell in love with almost every fit they had on their website. One reason I love vintage clothing is that it helps to preserve history, art, culture and fashion. One thing about fashion is that it never fades, it always finds away of coming back, most of the fashion trends that we see now were rocked in the 80’s and 90’s such as embroidery, exaggerated sleeves, they have just been refurbished. In the fashion industry, we can say "there is nothing new under the sun”. 

Trendlistr is a Vintage fashion brand that specialises in quality vintage clothing where you can buy and sell vintage fits. You should actually check them out if you are looking for quality and affordable vintage fits. Everyone should have vintage outfits in their closet, vintage nowadays is best styled with a modern twist and that is what I tried to do.

Photos were taken and edited by IG: @ahlaaji

NB: This is a sponsored post.

Instagram: @trendlistr

Cop my outfit:
Pants: Asos
Shoes: Ego

Thanks for stopping by cheers!!!

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Hey, guys I know it has been long you have seen me here but I am not here to explain my absence because of I am still going to be gone for a little while. Bear with me as I am still trying to understand what life really has in store for me.

Today we are going to have a little variety as we would be talking about lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Yeah in one post!

Lifestyle: Talking about the topic, after my graduation a lot of people kept asking me what's next and that question just kept getting me angry the more people ask, and I was getting angry because my what next is still not clear and I can swear that 7 months ago I had a clear plan, right now I am just clueless. But now I guess my what next is going back to school.

Beauty: You guys need to check out @beautyandbrushes on Instagram she is so good and she did an amazing job on my grad look. I highly recommend you book her for any event you want to attend and your main aim is to outshine every other one attending. So for my look,  I used body shop's foundation (in shade Caribbean mahogany 075), I did not expect it to be great because it was just £15 but it turned out just fine as it was full coverage and it is actually long lasting, so if you are looking for an affordable full coverage foundation you should try body shop.

Fashion: For the love of purple I just had to go purple head to toe! Getting the perfect dress was so frustrating because I was not seeing anything until few weeks to my grad. When I found this dress I knew it was for me, the colour and the lace were calling me, the ruffles and cold shoulder were calling me, I could just see Phebe written all over the dress. A lot of people thought it was a dress made in Nigeria but I got it from Lavish Alice.

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Dress: Lavish Alice
Shoes: Ego
Purse: My mum's

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!
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